Train Wreck on Dunlawton Ave

My two cents:  In addition to the Councilman, I think this daily Train Wreck was forecast by some people back in November 2012 ….


Mr. And Mrs. Glitter,
Thank you for your input on this.  I too feel this intersection is a bad design.  By way of this e-mail I am getting this to our city manager to continue the chain.  I have been fairly vocal about my dislike of the end result of these modifications and I agree with you that the intersection presents a serious safety issue as well as the inconvenience it causes to hundreds of drivers each day.
Hopefully we can get this intersection reviewed and see if there are any alternative solutions to their design.
Dennis Kennedy

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Dear Councilman Kennedy,
Below is a copy of our email to FDOT
Dear Sir or Madame,
We are writing to you to express our serious concerns regarding the traffic flow changes that have been made in the above noted intersection. We believe that not only are these changes extremely inconvenient but also pose a serious danger to the flow of traffic in the entire involved area.  Traffic flowed very smoothly and safely at Taylor Branch and Dunlawton prior to these changes being made.  We have been told that this change is a Florida Department of Transportation decision made while disregarding input from local authorities and the impact that this change would have on the flow of traffic to anyone traveling in this area.  We are concerned that the new traffic pattern raises a serious safety issue for all vehicular traffic navigating this maze.  We respectfully request that these changes be revisited by FDOT in concert with local authorities.
Ken and Annette Glinter
5808 Spruce Creek Woods Dr
Port Orange, FL 32127

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