Another Unhappy Water Dept. Customer?

Does this policy sound a little Heavy-Handed?

From: Richard Decker []
Sent: Wednesday, December 18, 2013 12:59 PM
To: Yarborough, Jason
Cc: Kisela, Greg
Subject: Richard Decker Utility A/C 137201-38469

Mr. Yarborough,

On December 17th, I picked up my mail at 5:15 PM and found a notice from the City of Port Orange stating that as of December 9th my December utility payment had not been received. Additionally this notice advised that if payment was not remitted by 2:00 PM on the same date, December 17, my water service would be scheduled for disconnection.
 On December 18 at approximately 9:30 AM,  I went to the Utility Department to confirm my payment was received.  We pay this bill monthly through our bill pay account at SunTrust Bank located on Clyde Morris Blvd in Port Orange, Fl.  I was told by the clerk and a supervisor at the water department that our payment was not received until December 9th and as a result a late charge of $10.00 had been assessed.
 This utility payment was scheduled for payment by our bank on the due date December 4.  My records show the payment was debited from my account on December 4.  After checking with SunTrust Bank, I learned it is the banks policy to actually mail remittance to the payee 3 days prior to the due date established, to allow for mail time.  The bank confirmed this payment was actually mailed to the City of Port Orange on November 29.  We have had water service through the City of Port Orange, since prior to December 2010 and have never received a late notice on any monthly utility payment.  I politely requested a waiver of this late charge and was given no consideration by neither the clerk nor her supervisor.
 I would like a response from the City of Port Orange, providing me with information from the previous 24 months as to the date my bill was sent to me each month, the date the bill was due and the date you credited my remittances.  Please respond to either the physical address on my account or to my E-Mail:
 Thank you for your assistance in this matter.
 Richard Decker

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