Any/All Taxpayer Subsidized Financial Incentives That Have Been or Will be Provided To Atlantic Marine?

Jack Wiles, Brad Wiles-Atlantic Marine Planned Commercial Development
December 27, 2013 7:20 AM
From:   “Dianne Gardner” <>
To:    “Margaret Roberts” <> “Margaret Patterson” <> “Wayne Clark” <> “Margaret Momberger” <> ”
Dear Mr. Kisela:
I am requesting a complete and detailed listing of any/all tax payer subsidized financial incentives that have been or will be provided to Jack Wiles, Brad Wiles and Case No. 13-65-000001 Atlantic Marine Planned Commercial Development or Atlantic Marine as it now exists at 5481 South Ridgewood Avenue, Port Orange, Florida 32127.   We believe this list may or should include the following:
1.) City Council Agenda Item #17-City Cost Participation-Agenda date 10-15-13 where the city agrees to pay up to $33,500 to install a 10″ water line along Dunlawton to Ruth Street. This was deemed a necessary expense by the city to meet the Land Development Code requirements. This tax payer expenditure was requested in a letter dated 9-12-13 from Brad Wiles.  Agenda item and Mr. Brad Wiles letter attached. City’s rationale for this taxpayer expenditure explained in the attached PDF.
2.) Any so called “Brownfield” tax credits
3.) Any so called “Blight mitigation”  tax credits
4.) Any other tax payer subsidized financial incentives/instruments available from City, State or Federal sources that will/may flow to Jack Wiles, Brad Wiles or the Atlantic Marine Planned Commercial Development.
5.) Please provide the agreement between the city and Jack Wiles and Atlantic Marine for its current usage of 111 Dunlawton Avenue, Port Orange for boat display/sales on land the is part of the planned River walk Development.
Case No. 10-30000001
CONDITIONAL USE/Jack Wiles, Applicant for the Property Owner
111 Dunlawton Avenue
A request for Conditional Use approval to allow a boat display/sales area as an
interim use in the “PC-R” zoning district (Riverwalk). If the Conditional UsePLANNING COMMISSION MEETING
AUGUST 26, 2010
Thank you.
Very truly yours,
Dianne Templeton Gardner
618 Ruth Street
Port Orange, Florida 32127

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