Is Someone Deleting Voice Mail Complaints on The City Complaint Hotline When it's Convenient ?

My 2 cents:      Via several letters to Ken Parker last year and Greg Kisela this year,  I have been preaching the City’s need for a Virtual Help Desk (24 Hr. Internet Hotline) with a ticket system.    With Ticket systems, each complaint or request automatically gets a file number and permanently remains in the City’s database system.  Also the ticket remains active ( in full view of  management) until some official affirms on the ticket (database record) that the issue has been resolved. 

That type online ticket system should eliminate the ongoing problems over the past few years (see example below) wherein the City keeps losing track of citizens and councilmen’s complaints & request because city staff is still recording much of the data manually.   Hey guys we are starting the year 2014 not 1914.

Greg says:  “Code Enforcement personnel then takes the complaint and logs it into the City’s tracking system manually.   (MAYBE)

Jack Wiles, Atlantic Marine Development, Code Enforcement Complaints Lemon Street, Ruth Street, Powers Avenue

 December 27, 2013 3:04 PM
From:  “Dianne Gardner” <>
To:    “Greg Kisela” <> “Dru Urquhart” <>

You are not correct in my case.   I specifically called Code Enforcement on 12-6-13 to advise of what was occurring at that moment.   I then called Tim and sent an email to ask why him why more trees were being cut down after we had been promised no other trees would be destroyed.  If you will re-read Tim’s response to me on 12-6-13 you will see that he says the Code Enforcement officer spoke to Margaret and that she was heading over to the site.  His email attached again for your review. Quote below from his email to me:
“The Code Officer spoke with Margaret and she was heading over to the site.”
Obviously I had spoken first to Code Enforcement for this sequence of events to occur.
I will ask my neighbors exactly what they did and who they called but my speculation is that they called the Code Enforcement Hotline back in August 2013 because the trees were being bulldozed and the land cleared before any of us knew who was doing it.  Code Enforcement would have been the starting point on stopping that action.  But again, I will forward your email to them and have them respond directly to your question so I do not speak for them.  Do the other issues with non response from the city concern you?  They certainly do me as a member of this neighborhood and a long term homeowner and taxpayer who is seeking answers to what is occurring directly behind my property.
Thank you.
Dianne Templeton Gardner

—– Original Message —–
From: Kisela, Greg
To: Dianne Gardner ; Margaret Patterson ; Momberger, Margaret ; Kela Lindsay ; Kim ; Drucilla Urquhart ; Burman, Tim ; Green, Allen ; Clark, Wayne ; Jack Wiles ; Brad Wiles ; Hutchison, Chris
Sent: Friday, December 27, 2013 1:44 PM
Subject: RE: Jack Wiles, Atlantic Marine Development, Code Enforcement Complaints Lemon Street, Ruth Street, Powers Avenue
Ms. Gardner:
I believe that part of the confusion is how the question is being asked. Code Enforcement is a specific division of Community Development.  If a code complaint is made to them by voice mail through the Code Enforcement hotline it is routed to an e-mail address and the voice mail is preserved on the City’s server.
Code Enforcement personnel than takes the complaint and logs it into the City’s tracking system.   It sounds like from your e-mail that you and/or your neighbors have not been calling Code Enforcement but specific personnel in Community Development (Wayne Clark, Margaret Momberger, Tim Burman).  Is this correct?
Greg Kisela
City Manager

From: Dianne Gardner []
Sent: Friday, December 27, 2013 11:45 AM
To: Margaret Patterson; Momberger, Margaret; Kela Lindsay; Kim; Drucilla Urquhart; Burman, Tim; Green, Allen; Kisela, Greg; Clark, Wayne; Jack Wiles; Brad Wiles; Hutchison, Chris
Subject: Jack Wiles, Atlantic Marine Development, Code Enforcement Complaints Lemon Street, Ruth Street, Powers Avenue
Subject: Jack Wiles, Atlantic Marine Development, Code Enforcement Complaints Lemon Street, Ruth Street, Powers Avenue
Dear Mr. Kisela:
The thrust of the questions in this email is this: are voice mail complaints to Code Enforcement preserved?
And if not, why not? I was told this morning by a city representative that these voice mails were not preserved.
I would certainly hope that this information I have been given; i.e. that there is no voice mail preservation of code enforcement complaints, is somehow incorrect.   Since citizens report these infractions on this voice mail line they are legal records and I am sure as such must be preserved.  How else is a complaint generated and documented except with this voicemail record??  What other electronic trail can a citizen pursue if these records have not been kept by the city??  Calls to Code Enforcement are made by citizens/homeowners when homeowners assume laws are being broken.
Second we were told there were no code enforcement complaints for calendar year 2013 about Jack Wiles and Atlantic Marine Development; this of course is the development that has so damaged our neighborhood with the loss of our vegetation, tree and noise buffers.  Numerous complaints have been made by all of us; specifically Fred and Dru Urquhart, Fred and Kela Lindsay and me when the tree removal and vegetation destruction was occurring in August/September and October 2013.   One by me to Code Enforcement on 12-6-13 was followed up with a call to Tim Burman; I have his return email where he told me Margaret Momberger would be going immediately to the site where trees were being cut down in front of me and that she would contact me.  I am still waiting for a response from Margaret Momberger on that complaint.  Tim’s email attached. That actually was the 3rd time I was told Margaret Momberger would follow up with me by a city employee.   I had already sent two emails to her about the tree destruction in the property abutting my rear lot line.  Nothing back from Margaret Momberger on any of the 3 complaints made in these instances.  First two emails were sent on October 15 and October 22nd respectively.  My emails to Margaret attached.
We just met with Theresa Gutierrez who was providing us with copies of various items we had requested under the Freedom of Information Act.  We had asked for all Code Enforcement Complaints on Jack Wiles and the Atlantic Marine Development that abuts our homes on Ruth Street and Powers Avenue. Theresa’s search seemed to indicate there were no complaints for Calendar Year 2013. Not possible.   Numerous complaints have been made about this development; trees being cut down as we watched and land being cleared behind our homes. The property is question is at 619 Lemon Street.
I have left Theresa a voicemail this morning after our meeting asking her to search these code enforcement complaints for CY 2013 again by the street names of Lemon Street, Ruth Street and Powers Avenue in the hope that these complaints were cross referenced under street names rather than Jack Wiles/Atlantic Marine Development and that is why the first search did not turn them up. If again, nothing is found,  than I would ask you, Mr. Kisela, to follow up and determine where these records may be in the city’s files.
Let me stress the following: Theresa was very nice this morning and we have no complaint with her.  She may have been misinformed about voice mails.  I may have phrased my question so it was not clear to her.   Also in fairness I must say Tim Burman has always called me back about whatever my concern has been about our concerns on this development.   Thank you Tim for your professionalism and  courtesy.
Dianne Templeton Gardner
618 Ruth Street
Port Orange, Florida 32127

2 thoughts on “Is Someone Deleting Voice Mail Complaints on The City Complaint Hotline When it's Convenient ?

  • December 27, 2013 at 3:03 pm

    We called the code enforcement hotline on September 1st. It was a Sunday and the noise from the clearing activity was interfering with our Labor Day barbecue. We checked for a permit before calling and found out there wasn’t one.
    Dru Urquhart

  • December 27, 2013 at 4:06 pm

    Ms. Gardner:
    I am concerned with non-responses. I am trying to determine what date(s) are of concern to you. If a call is made to the Code Hotline and voice mail is left we have a record of the voice mail. It appears that in December City staff responded to your call. Is the concern the call in August or other calls?
    Greg Kisela
    City Manager


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