"To Be Treated This Way by Our Elected Officials and City Management is Inexcusable."

Who said there was ONLY a few weeds removed on the lot?
Jack Wiles/Atlantic Marine Development – Hometown News Article              December 26, 2013 9:28 PM
From: “Dru Urquhart” <dhurquhart@gmail.com>
To: “Greg Kisela” <gkisela@port-orange.org> “Allen Green” <AllenG@port-orange.org> “Bob Ford” <bford@port-orange.org> “Margaret Momberger” <mmomberger@port-orange.org> “Margaret Roberts” <mroberts@port-orange.org> “Tim Burman” <tburman@port-orange.org> admin@seabird-island.com
I am writing regarding the article in the December 27th edition of the Hometown News about the Atlantic Marine project. I read in the article that the City had to rely on Google Earth to try to determine what was on the lot previous to the clearing that started on August 8th. I can help out there. I have plenty of pictures and am attaching a couple taken in 2004, right after Hurricane Charlie. I have many more pictures taken over the years if you need them. I am also attaching pictures of the piles of debris before they were hauled off the property. These pictures were taken on August 28th; 20 days after the clearing had begun. Many other truckloads of “debris”, including brush and small trees were hauled off before these pictures were taken.
In the article Mr. Clark states that the city “has been working with both the developer and the residents to make sure there was ‘good communication’ between all parties since the beginning of the project”. I am not sure which residents he has been working with. When we woke up to the bobcat clearing our land on August 8th we had not been notified by anyone that there was going to be any kind of a project built in the woods behind our house. It took us over a month to get a clear answer from the city about what was going on back there. We called and we emailed and no one, from Mrs. Momberger to Councilman Ford, was able to give us any information other than they thought it might be some kind of boat storage.
I think if you poll the rest of the neighbors you will get the same response regarding their knowledge of this project. The only way Mr. and Mrs. Lindsey knew about the SRCD meeting on the project that was held on November 7th was by searching the City of Port Orange website to find any information they could on Atlantic Marine and possible projects. None of the residents surrounding this development were invited to this meeting. To date none of the residents has received any official notification about any meetings except in response to repeated requests for information. I think I speak for most of the residents involved in saying that we are extremely unhappy with how this has been handled by the City. Every resident that abuts this development has lived in their home for over 20 years. To be treated this way by our elected officials and city management is inexcusable.
Dru Urquhart
Resident and Owner
511 & 513 Powers Avenue

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