Traffic Signals on Dunlawton Ave.

On Oct. 27,  the Traffic Signal at the intersection of Dunlawton & Yorktown was damaged as a result of a traffic accident.  Two Port Orange citizen were killed in that accident.
Today, some 9 weeks later the repairs to the signal are still not completed.  It appears that the video vehicular presence detection equipment is still out of service at the intersection .  As a result, the controller is operating in a fixed time mode and not in a traffic responsive mode.   Resulting in substantial unused green time for some movements and unnecessary delays and inconvenience along Dunlawton Ave. for Port Orange citizens.
I believe that the State (FDOT) pays the County to maintain its traffic signals on State roads within the county.   Does FDOT know that the county is not repairing those signals in a timely manner?
Prior to my retirement, I served 28 years as Director of Traffic Engineering for a municipality 10 times the size of Port Orange with several hundred signalized intersections under my jurisdiction.   During that period I do not recall any instance were a traffic signal remained in disrepair for more than a few days even as a result of a major storm.  
Traffic Engineers from Volusia County will be present at the next Port Orange Council meeting to discuss the reasons for delays in the construction of a new traffic signal on Williamson Blvd.   Do you think maybe now would be a good time for the City Manager and/or Council to tear them a new one, about the conditions on Dunlawton Ave? 

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