Atlantic Marine Timeline/Background Information

Port Orange Staff Timeline for Atlantic Marine Boatyard Project
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One thought on “Atlantic Marine Timeline/Background Information

  • January 4, 2014 at 12:37 pm

    Well Greg,
    Congratulations! I see from reading emails on the Port Orange website that in only a weeks time your staff has managed to pull together a series of dates relating to the Atlantic Marine project.
    I expect that those dates and the comments beside them will help keep everyone at the City on the same page and telling the same story, but they do not address the very specific questions we posed to you at the beginning of the week. Those questions were intentionally kept in a simple YES/NO format for the most part, and with only limited additional information requested, in hopes that you would actually answer them. Instead, you have done what you always do……..provide a response that is oblique, insufficient and irrelevant to the questions asked.
    Call me stupid, but I expected better.
    Mike Gardner


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