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As I and others have pointed out documents are often handed out during the meeting on the dais. It is also a deficiency that presentations given using power point, photos, posters or video from podium are not legible to audience or home viewers.The technology exists to scan photograph or copy the data files to an online sharing system like Dropbox and be available instantly to home viewers and anyone inside with a smart phone, tablet, or computer. This would allow everyone access to the same information.
Given that the agenda items must be ready and in the clerks office on Wed. the presentation materials should be able to be published with the agenda packet. Those who wish to have handouts or graphics for non agenda participation should give them to the clerk before the meeting so they can be uploaded.
Newton White
Editors note:  Newton perhaps they want to keep it this old way for the obvious reason

In October I wrote
Listening to the criticism that department heads are not present for council meetings and observing that things that are discussed by council come at the hurried end of often long meetings, when few if any staff or citizens are still there or watching.   I would suggest that the Council Comments and Concerns be moved to just after Citizen Participation, and that at least a senior staff person from each department be present until that item is complete. 

 Only staff with agenda items would need to stay until their item has finished.   Much of councils concerns about the walk lights, parks, medians, crime and such come after your staff has left. Would it not be better for them to hear the elected officials concerns first hand and make them able to respond during the meeting? 
This would also have the same advantage for citizens.   Doing it this way would not cause a major disruption to the work week as would having to be present at 3 and 4 hour meetings, and would help serve our council and community better.

 I restate this idea now as it is on the agenda to be considered.   I also note some concerns in the attached pdf   Their is only a deadline set for staff to have items to the clerks office and no expectation of how many days before the meeting or what time it should be published.  
 The wording gives the city manager ultimate discretion, to add and presumably delete or exclude items that only the CM would need to deem “in the best interest of the city” This power should be considered more carefully.
  Newton White
Candidate for Port Orange City Council District 4 

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