Atlantic Marine Development-Jack Wiles-Timeline for Environmental Issues

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                                                Timeline for Environmental Issues

01/07/2013   12:10      Mike Gardner called Florida EPA number 1-800-320-0519 and stated that we had been informed by the City of Port Orange that an unpermitted, unregulated commercial boat storage operation had been in existence for approximately thirty years behind our house.  That pollution from that operation may potentially have contaminated the ground behind our house (i.e. from petroleum spills, bottom paint, cleaning chemicals, etc).  That we were worried about the possibility of pollution from that property blowing or leaching onto our land during the recent unpermitted land clearing of the property behind our house.  That we wanted to know what we could do to have the property checked for pollutants.  EPA said they would contact the appropriate agencies and that we would receive a return call.
01/07/2014   12:31       Inspector Milstead from Florida Fish and Wildlife called and took our information.  Said he was basically concerned with the criminal aspects of environmental pollution but that he would pass our information along.
01/07/2014   13:07       Dale from Volusia County Environmental Management call and took our information and stated that he would look at the property that afternoon.
01/07/2014     14:15    Dale called back and said he had walked the property and saw no obvious signs of pollution such as smells or petroleum or paint spills.  Remarked that the ground had been pretty well scraped clean.  Took the presence of new weed growth as evidence that pollution did not exist in the formerly forested areas.  Said he spoke to the owner of Port Orange Seafood (had to be Billy Wohlhuter III from the description) and the owner stated that he had stored his own boats on the property in question but did not say anything about other storage.  Dale remarked that there was a commercial boat now on the Port Orange Seafood property.  Dale said to expect a call in the next few days from the Department of Environmental Protection regarding soil samples on the ex-Wohlhuter parcel.

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