"All in all, city governmental mistakes, whether intentional or not, are still happening, despite a new city manager"

Hank says:
January 14, 2014 at 4:50 pm
When a resident near the Atlantic Marine project first voiced the concern of improper code permits being authorized to clear land for the Atlantic Marine development, a shadow was cast upon a long time relationship of Jack Wiles with Port Orange City Hall. The shadow of suspicion had been entertained by anonymous, seemingly supporters of Jack Wiles at
This may all be a dis-service to Jack Wiles, and yet it may not. But nevertheless, let us be alert as to what parties are seemingly advancing a debate about the personality or merits of Jack Wiles.  Such attention on Jack Wiles, perhaps being a team player for Port Orange City Hall, (i.e. Mayor Allen Green) takes away from the issue of at least mistakes made by an incompetent or negligent city hall government. It seems unrealistic, lacking an inside city hall informant, to prove that special treatment was given to Jack Wiles’ family because he had proven in the past to be a loyal team player for City Hall.
For the remedy of the residents’ complaints about the Atlantic Marine development, it seems adequate to just prove that city hall had goofed in handling a series of permits for the construction, and correction about such mistakes need to take place. The details in the remedy are in the facts, probably yet to be determined.
But the shadow of suspicion is real, despite how loathsome it is to many. Port Orange City Government has had “team players” who have not fulfilled their responsibilities, and in fact have been rewarded with shoddy investigations or in one case, a specially arranged legal deal to retire with an advantage not afforded other city workers.
All in all, city governmental mistakes, whether intentional or not, are still happening, despite a new city manager of whom many had hopes to provide reform in city governmental operations. This did not happen, despite an influential Mayor who had been in Port Orange city politics ever since he was born, and presumably yields a lot of power, has a lot of influence, a lot of contacts, and a lot of team players. It leads me to believe that Mayor Allen Green is a big part of the problems the city can’t seem to rectify.
Mayor Green has before asked that “team players” be voted into the city council. No one has identified the team players. I have before identified one non team player, who was not voted into the city council.
So what the heck let me guess who the team players are right now in Port Orange City Council.
Team players: Greg Kisela, Mayor Green (perhaps the captain, who once wanted a silent partner as a Grand Master Developer of Riverwalk), and Dennis Kennedy. I could be wrong.
Non Team Players: Bob Ford, Don Burnette and Drew Bastian. I could be wrong.
My recommendation? Get rid of Kisela and Green. I could be wrong.
— Hank springer

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