NO Letter Written Requesting or Demanding Assistance or Work, …..

from: Newton White
7:56 AM
to Allen, Dennis, Don, Drew, Bob, Greg
With the recent talk of medians and light timing with no action. This not to mention the walk lights being dark after a year of a councilman’s concern.
I requested all communication between FDOT and PO staff for a three month period. What I found was that in the 100 mega bytes of Email and few written communications was that their was NO letter written requesting or demanding assistance or work, nothing giving note to the councils displeasure. In fact more individual citizens wrote to FDOT and the city was carbon copied on the reply than was written to FDOT by the city. Their was more of an email thread discussing a meeting to discuss manhole covers than timely repair and proper replacement of the control box at Yorktown, which is needed for the proper function of the traffic sensors.
But this letter is not about traffic lights, walk lights, medians, ugly dead trees that need to be cut down, off site advertizing on fences, broken air conditioners and other issues.
Councils voice and concerns have gone without action of the city staff, far to often and long. I hope that the reorganization of the agenda, which I suggested, helps bring the department heads in play, only time will tell.
The visioning workshop was the latest example of this disconnect, the facilitator explained to me that she was hired to do a workshop geared for only council and staff, and that she does public workshops but that is a different format than the one we had. The question is how was this meeting arranged to be a internal format, while council openly spoke of it as a public meeting and invited public participation from the dais and advertisement, did the newspaper get it wrong in their article as well?
Staff spoke of craving direction. Two points on this. First is to realize the concerns and causes are going without action. How long and how many mentions did it take to get a cast netting ordinance before council? Second is to change the way communication of direction is done. At the last meeting Councilman Ford made a motion to instruct the city manager to prepare an assessment of facility needs and maintenance plan, locked it into 60 days to have it back before council. It does not get much clearer than that.
Newton White
Candidate for Port Orange City Council District 4

——– Original Message ——–
Subject:FW: SR 421 signal retiming
Date:Fri, 17 Jan 2014 21:21:00 +0000
From:Rivera, Cynthia <>
To:Kisela, Greg <>, City Council <>
Please see below.

Michael and Tim:
This is to confirm what we will be retiming along SR 421 and to give a general timeframe. The retiming effort will extend from Williamson to Nova. Our work order should go out first thing next week. Tube counts should start within a couple weeks, then turning movement counts after that. Implementation will be roughly April. Unfortunately it will likely not be by Spring Break, as I had previously indicated.
If you have any questions, please let me know.
Christopher Cairns, PE, PTOE
Assistant District Traffic Operations Engineer District Five
Florida Department of Transportation

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