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My name is Marilyn Davis, I am a resident of Port Orange, I’m 30 years old, a Registered Nurse, and have a small family of three beautiful girls who are 5, 3, and 7 months. I’m writing because I would like to bring up a topic at the next council meeting (which I realize is Jan 21). I’ve never attended a meeting before much less needed to bring anything to be addressed (Port Orange seems to be a pretty great place to live-why fix what’s not broken, right?) So, I’m not sure of the process however, it is very important to me that this particular issue is addressed at the next meeting, however short notice this is.
I live across the street from Sugar Mill Elementary on McDonald Rd, every day, I walk my 5 year old across the street to and from school. I can watch her in her PE class from my front porch. A few days ago, my neighbor, whose son is a Port Orange Police officer, notified me that a registered sex offender had moved in to the duplex next to my home across the street from the school. Now I’ve spoken with numerous people and all have the same thought-“Isn’t illegal to be so close to a school?” One would think, right? Nope, I called the FDLE and as long as there is no ‘living restriction’ imposed on the person, he/she has the same rights as anyone else. Which, I realize, they have to live somewhere, but across the street from the elementary school??? And he’s not even the unfortunate ‘I was drunk and peed in public now I’m a sex offender’ or the ‘I’m 19 and dated a 16 year old, now I’m a sex offender’. Nope! He’s the REAL DEAL!
He approached an under cover cop online who was posing as the mother of a 4 year old girl and set up a day and time to meet up and commit sex acts, sent emails with child porn, he was arrested, computers seized, child porn found on his computer as well as 10 actual photographs! He wasn’t compliant AT ALL with his treatment programs and minimized his charges all the way through!
So, (and I apologize this is so long-winded) I called the Port Oange Police Dept and spoke with the detective in charge of the sex offenders here in our town. He stated what I already knew-that yes they were aware of him and no, it’s not illegal and in order to make it illegal,Port Orange would have to have city ordinances put in place making it illegal to live within so many feet of our schools….AS A MATTER OF FACT-he said-other towns in Volusia County are making it so difficult for them to live there that they are MOVING TO PORT ORANGE……Seriously??
Our beloved Port Orange is the safe haven, the ‘go to’ for sex offenders? Our famously ‘family friendly’ town?! And so I asked the detective, do tell…what are the other towns doing to make it so difficult to live?? Of course!  There have been city ordinances put in place that makes it illegal for them to live within so many feet of schools, churches, parks, and daycares…
Like I said, I know they have to live somewhere but the Howard Porters of the world should not live where the view from his front window is the playground.
I don’t know if you gentlemen receive these work emails at home, on the weekend. But if you do, please let me know if I’ll be able to be heard at this next meeting. It’s ever so important to me.
Thank you in advance!
Marilyn Davis
Here is the link to that website that contains the info on Mr Porter’s case. A 38 page PDF -goes into great detail of the man he is….
As well as the link to his FDLE profile


the City Attorney’s Office and the Police Department are working on expanding Port Orange’s residential boundaries for individuals who are convicted of these crimes. I have asked them to work with the Administrative Services Department, specifically the IT Division, to map out the different distances to ensure that the proposed ordinance is constitutional and that the suggested zones do not concentrate the individuals into a specific neighborhood or area of our City.
Greg Kisela
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On Jan 18, 2014, at 9:33 AM, “Bastian, Drew” <dbastian@port-orange.org wrote:
Just wanted to forward this e-mail, I have spoken to Mrs. Davis and she plans on attending Tuesday night’s meeting and speaking up during the citizens participation portion.

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