Yorktowne Blvd.

Re: New section of Yorktowne Blvd.
I have not been privy to what contributed to the recent fatal accident at the intersection of Dunlawton & Yorktowne (driver error or roadway design defects). But, be aware there are some major deficiencies in traffic control and warnings signs along the new section of Yorktown. These deficiencies could expose the city to liabilities for negligence.
Take note of:   FS 316.0745 (4) (5):
(3) All official traffic control signals or official traffic control devices purchased and installed in this state by any public body or official shall conform with the manual and specifications published by the Department of Transportation pursuant to subsection (2).
(4) It shall be unlawful for any public body or official to purchase, or for anyone to sell, any traffic control signal or device unless it conforms with the manual and specifications published by the Department of Transportation ……
Some of the obvious Traffic Control deficiencies

  • There is a horizontal curve near the intersection with Dunlawton with no Curve Warning signs (W1-2) in either direction
  • There is a horizontal reverse curve near the intersection with Taylor with no Reverse Curve Warning signs (W1-4) in either direction.
  • There are several non-conforming and improperly installed Chevron Warning signs within the curve near Dunlawton. The minimum size for a Chevron sign (W1-8) is 18″ x 24″ In addition, the reverse curve near Taylor is completely void of any (W1-8) signs.
  • There is a Lane Use sign installed on the approach to Taylor that does not conform with the requirements of the MUTCD. The minimum size for a (R3-5) sign is 30″ x 36″
  • The approach to Dunlawton is completely void of Lane Use signs.  A four lane approach without proper Lane Use signs (R3-5) is conducive to generating accidents.
  • There is one 25-MPH sign installed mid-block on Yorktowne NB (not the proper location) Why and who picked 25-MPH for a roadway with no residence’s, driveways or pedestrians. The speed limit should be determent by a 85th Percentile Speed study.
  • Previously Taylor Branch Rd. had three approach lanes at Dunlawton, whereat the county maintained a Lane Use Sign Bridge (overhead sign) to guide motorist. We now have four approach lanes on Yorktowne at Dunlawton with no Lane Use signs whatsoever. Pavement markings alone are insufficient for lane use control for this type intersection.

In view of the above and in light of the fact that the City’s D.P.W. is in over their head in regards to Traffic Engineering, it is recommended that the County take over the maintenance jurisdiction of this major collector road link. It does serve as a replacement for the County’s collector road link at Taylor Branch Rd.
Patrick Nelan

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