Is D.P.W Supporting Free Advertising on Dunlawton Medians?

Will the D.P.W. Director also claim that no city employees drove on Dunlawton for the past 6 days?

Last week Massey executed their first service of the medians.  (Looking forward to seeing the improvement btw.)  As part of the service they placed about 30 Massey signs in the median from I-95 to Spruce Creek.  I know when the spray is first applied small signs are placed to warn pet owners until the product has dried.

  • However, it has now been 6 days and the signs are still in the medians.
  • Will they be there indefinitely?  Is that part of an advertising agreement they have with the City?

If not, who is responsible to remove the signs?  Some of the signs have blown out of the ground do to recent strong winds.
Please advise.

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