Verify City Staff Information

My two cents:
“Trust but Verify” I think one of the Councilmen said that a few days ago.
Was that just Rhetoric?

From:Henry Springer (
Sent:Tue 1/21/14 9:46 PM
To Port Orange City Council,
Gentlemen :
During the Port Orange City CounciI of 1 21 14 I was fascinated with your discussion of a “sole” provider for cameras for the city of Port Orange and “preferred” provider of same.
I understand that you were told that the market had been reached out to by city staff in order to see if there were any providers who would supply such services, thus necessitating the work to go out to bid. I understand that city staff is asserting that there were no replies.
Having watched in the past dis-information being offered to the city council by city staff I urge you to get a report of which company providers have allegedly been contacted by city staff, and then after receipt of such a report, get in contact with those companies to see if they truly had been approached about supplying services to the city of Port Orange.
From Hank Springer
386 852 3178

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