Sex offender who lived near Port Orange school kicked out of house by uncle


A Port Orange sex offender said a plan by neighbors to push him out of the community now has him living on the streets.
Earlier this week, Channel 9 reported that Howard Porter was allowed to live across the street from Sugar Mill Elementary School, where children were in plain view every day.
But Friday afternoon, WFTV’s Blaine Tolison learned Porter lost his job and is now homeless.
For days, parents have been fighting to get Porter to move away, which he is now doing.
Porter’s uncle owns the duplex where he was living with his father. The uncle said he was unaware Porter is a sex offender and has asked both men to leave.
“I’m going to a shelter, and I’m getting on public assistance because I can’t find a job,” Porter said.
Porter didn’t hide from Channel 9’s camera as he loaded his father’s car with clothes. He said he’s even received threats for living across the street from Sugar Mill Elementary.
“Me, personally, I’d rather fight and try to educate people on this,” said Porter. “That’s what I was planning on doing. But unfortunately, my uncle owns the house, so I got to do what my uncle tells me.”
Legally, Porter could stay. He was convicted for distributing child pornography before laws were enacted keeping sex offenders away from schools.
But neighbors like Christina Haring said he is a threat they’re thrilled to see him go.
“They’re happy. They’re very relieved and happy that the children will be able to be playing on the streets again,” said Haring.
Porter said wherever he moves, he’ll have to notify the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.

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