Dunlawton & Yorktown Traffic Signal

My 2 cents :   In my jurisdiction we had a decal affixed to the side of all our controller cabinets, facing traffic, showing the name of the agency responsible for maintenance with the phone number in large print.
Motorist were able to call-in signal malfunctions without breaking a sweat.


Chief, –  I placed a call to the City’s Community Planning section earlier this morning about the timing at the intersection after we received yet another complaint.  I am trying to get a contact number for the contractor so I can call them directly and ask them to fix it.  The signal timing for the intersection is still under the contractor’s control, so VC Traffic Engineering cannot come out and change the timing. Melissa Winsett from VC Traffic Engineering has been a big help and is also trying to contact the contractor to resolve this.
Sgt. Thomas W. Aiken

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Please take a look at the attached short video.  This is of the Dunlawton / Yorktown intersection at about 7:40am this morning.  I travel this route daily after dropping off my daughter at Creek.  In the past few days I have noticed that the light cycle for turning off of Yorktown onto Dunlawton is extremely short.  The green turn arrow last for only about 5 seconds.  It is now so short that it has resulted in a large amount of vehicles running the red light on almost every cycle.  You can see the white car run the red light well after the light had turned red.  There was a truck beside of her on the other turn lane that did the same thing.  This is happening on almost every cycle during this time period.
It was not like this before, so I presume that FDOT has made a programing change that has somehow resulted in this change.  As this is the site of a recent fatality, as well as ongoing discussion by council, I wanted to bring this to your attention before another tragic accident occurs here from frustrated drivers.
Scott Stiltner
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