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from:  Jim Anderson ,,,,
I just called the Utilities Department to insure my payment I put in the drop box was processed, it was placed there shortly around noon today.  Apparently I didn’t see the sign that said that the dropbox is only checked once a day in the morning?   Not sure why that is honestly, its within inches of the department, surely it could be checked periodically during a lull?
Upon learning that it wasn’t posted yet, though having been placed in the drop, I went over and had someone retrieve it for me, so I could give it to the young lady who gave me a receipt for payment.
I really think that is an extremely bad way to handle business honestly, but that’s just my opinion, having a drop sitting basically in the office you only take a few seconds to check once a day, to me anyway, seems strange, but the sign was posted and I missed it so it’s my fault.
I really wish someone would visit the policy on water shutoffs.
A.  Without ANY prior knowledge and with me thinking my Epayment from my bank had gone through, I received a card in the mail, YESTERDAY giving me 24 hours !! to pay a balance of have my water turned off tomorrow, calling the water office also confirmed that.
B.  Might I suggest as a courtesy to  the residents of this city that the department allow the resident OFFICIAL NOTICE that they have missed one payment, that missing another perhaps or a third might result in water cutoff, why is it being late on a payment because I was out of town with no priors of missing a monthly payment so heinous that my water would be threatened to have been shut off.  I would really like an answer to that truthfully.
C.  Both my conversation with the finance director and the young lady who took my payment a few minutes in the office were the epitome of customer service, especially the young lady, polite, courteous, and a smiling face, refreshing to see after todays phone calls, she is an asset to Port Orange and I only wish I had taken the time to get her name to have her recognized.  The two or 3 others that just read from the ordinance without feeling to a particular situation or circumstance to me fail in customer service, not everyone late on a payment is a criminal so its strange to be treated as one.
In closing I would like to see Port Orange adjust its notifications when it comes to these kinds of things, had I had an email, prior notification, anything that I was late I would have made arrangements, but my only notification was a card in the mail yesterday to include telling me my water would be shut off Wednesday.
I know how government works, I spend 21 years in  the military, another 21 so far now working for Florida State government, and 14 years working for Port Orange City as night, I’m more than familiar with the inner working of a government position, not everything is black and white nor should it be treated as such.


22 years, never a missed monthly payment, you do the math.
I called the utilities department, was basically robotically read the ordinance, then called the City Managers office where an extremely rude lady answered the phone, interrupted constantly, finally took down my concern and then just hung up.  Might I suggest a customer service refresher course for that employee.
Why do I have a feeling this “directive” to cut off water after ONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  delayed payment stems from your lack of supervision in this city over water problems where millions of residents money  apparently was squandered, now it’s us paying the price for that.
The prior City Manager used to return emails, and phone calls religiously, this one doesn’t do that, I’ve sent a couple before or different subjects and have not heard a word.
I would like a personal response and not just the canned answer from the ordinance book.
Thank you,
Jim Anderson
PS:  If this practice is remotely true that you would consider cutting of someone’s water because they were late on a SINGLE PAYMENT IN TWO DECADES, THEN POSSIBLY WE NEED TO REVIEW OUR LEADERSHIP OR ORDINANCES.
This practice is totally unacceptable.  I go way back  the Mayor Green, to my days working part time years ago for the Rec Department when he used to coach and asst coach at the old White Place Fields, that was years and years ago.
Total faith in the Mayor, great guy, but something is wrong w

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    From: Saunders, Wayne
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    Mr. Anderson has been taken care of and is ok.


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