Fake Award for Excellence in Finance Reporting.

My 2 cents:   Cory, I guess you don’t know about these common scams in government.   The taxpayers pay the annual dues for Departments & Agency’s and for some employees to join many associations.  As long as the city continues to pay those associations annual dues, the member will usually get some type of a fake excellence type award.
It the City stop’s paying the annual dues for the association, the Finance Department will stop getting these fake excellence awards.

Award for Fiance     January 30, 2014 9:41 AM
From:  REALTORCOR@aol.com
To  :”Greg Kisela” <gkisela@port-orange.org>
Greg as you know I had to leave the meeting Tuesday early since I was coughing and have a sinus infection.  I missed until a great deal of the meeting.  I think we need to return this award as I do not feel we are deserving of it.  With the issues we have had and currently are working on including the reconciliation’s not being completed for a great deal of time.  We also had the items with the YMCA as well as others.  I know that the City Council as well as the Audit and Budget Committee are working on this with the Finance Department.
I still feel to show our citizens and the people who gave us the award,  that we have shown responsibility for not having this at 100% and return the award to them with an explanation that with the issues that we do have in finance that we currently are not deserving of the award.  I would also go on in the letter to state that we have a committee the city council and others working on getting the finance department issues corrected.  I would also state we have had all the audits occurring and still under the scrutiny of the auditors.
Corey Berman

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