Homeowner’s “Bill of Rights”

From:  “Dru Urquhart” <dhurquhart@gmail.com>
To:   “Bob Ford” <bford@port-orange.org>
Cc  :”Allen Green” <AllenG@port-orange.org> “Drew Bastian” <dbastian@port-orange.org> “Don
Councilman Ford,
I was very pleased to read about the proposed Homeowner’s “Bill of Rights” in the Hometown News yesterday. I have learned a great deal about development, zoning, the LDC, etc.over the past few months dealing with the proposed Atlantic Marine Development. The stress that it has caused us and our entire neighborhood has been great. Had we been notified, kept informed and included in the process, it would have made all the difference.
When the majority of residents in our neighborhood purchased their properties prior to 1990, the zoning for our properties and the property abutting our homes was Neighborhood Preservation. Each of us checked that out thoroughly with our realtors and determined what that meant and how that could affect us in the future. Tim Burman informed us at the neighborhood meeting regarding this project (January 8th) that although the Official Zoning Map says Neighborhood Preservation, the Future Land Use map says the property abutting our homes can be administratively re-zoned to Commercial Industrial. The Future Land Use map was created in 1998. Until that meeting we had no idea about the Future Land Use map or the change that had occurred to that property. We didn’t receive any notification when the change occurred. Had we been told when that change occurred we might have done things differently or at least explored our options.
None of the residents in our neighborhood are anti-development. We would be happy to see a sensible project go in that enhances the character of the neighborhood and Dunlawton Ave. We just want to be involved in the process and not run over by the City, the developer or his attorney.
Thank you for listening!
Dru Urquhart
511 Powers Ave.

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