County Wants to Bill Port Orange for Fire Services ?

My 2 cents :  The County has to pay their Firemen regardless if they are on a call for help or not.  Thus, all we should owe is for the fuel used for the emergency response.  Moreover, Port Orange taxpayers already pay for a good portion of the total county payroll & fuel.  That should be taken into consideration on any billing. Sounds like double-dipping the Port Orange Taxpayers to me.

From: Mary Connors <>
Date: February 5, 2014, 2:52:53 PM EST
To: <>
Cc: George Recktenwald <>
Subject: Services to enclaves

Pursuant to our meeting, continued use of a revenue based charge for services is neither feasible nor based on actual costs for services provided.  In the last fiscal year, the service provision by Port Orange to unincorporated areas was as follows:
Medical responses under the EMS ordinance      70    total hours    23.1
Other EMS and fire responses              31    total hours      9.4
Volusia County Fire Services responses into Port Orange
Medical responses under the EMS ordinance      109    total hours    38.8
Other EMS and fire responses                35    total hours    13.6
The County proposes a base price for readiness to serve of $50,000 per year.  Base cost to be paid in one sum at the beginning of the fiscal year or upon agreement.
Costs related to non-emergency EMS and fire responses would be based on the hourly FEMA rates for personnel and equipment.  For one piece of equipment and two fire fighters and a lieutenant, the hourly rate is $153.15.  We would round the hourly rate to $200/hour to accommodate a range of actual salaries. Service charges would be paid quarterly.  The County would deduct a credit for its services to the City.
If these terms are acceptable we will prepare interlocal agreements accordingly.  If you have an alternative approach based on cost for service we are open to discussion.

One thought on “County Wants to Bill Port Orange for Fire Services ?

  • February 6, 2014 at 1:32 pm

    The e-mail in question is NOT, about what the City would pay the County-it is what the County is willing to pay the City for providing Fire Services to County properties, specifically, the unincorporated properties located at the southern end of Spruce Creek Rd. ( THEY DO NOT PAY CITY PROPERTY TAXES)
    Bottom Line: The County wants the City to provide NON-RESIDENTS OF PORT ORANGE, with fire services for less……than what we’ve been receiving in the past. Even though the costs of proving fire services are largely FIXED capital costs ( fire stations, fire trucks, etc.) or they are increasingly expensive ( pensions and wages)
    My Response: The City Council should write the County a letter stating Port Orange will no longer respond to fire calls in unincorporated Volusia County!
    After all, County residents #1,) Do not pay our firemen, #2) Do not pay their pensions, #3) Do not pay for our Fire equipment, #4,) Do not pay for our Fire stations….etc, etc, etc,
    Of course, the other option is to invite these residents of Volusia County to annex their properties into the City, and pay their fair share of these costs…..
    In other words, if you want City services……you’ll have to be the City.


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