'F' Troop Management Team ?

Re:  Town West Median’s Maintenance

Interested says:
Let’s see 24 cuts per year is basically once every 2 weeks.   In looking at the photographs provided by Scott this is obviously not the case.
Why do we continue to get watered down answers ?   Can Council not add 2+2?    If they are happy with all of the Staff replies then perhaps they are a larger part of the problem themselves.
It’s time for Council to stand up and take charge.  They DO have the authority.  We are all sick and tired of silly excuses.
A management team likened to that of F Troop is not acceptable to citizens.  How much longer can the comedy of errors continue before Council replaces them.
The dog can’t possibly eat their homework every day.   Can he ?

See :    responsible-accountable ….

One thought on “'F' Troop Management Team ?

  • February 6, 2014 at 12:00 pm

    Non-feasance as contrasted with Mis-feasance and Mal-feasance may be thought of loosely as failing to perform those actions required of a person or position.
    Council has been guilty of non-feasance since at least the fall of 2012 BY FAILING TO ADEQUATELY ADDRESS THE CAUSES OF THOSE FINANCIAL SCANDALS. and no one need look past last months disclosure that the City’s bank accounts are not even being reconciled on a monthly basis to see that problem has not been addressed.
    Council needs to grow a set and step up to the plate and tell their Excuser-In-Chief Greg Kisela that he has 2 weeks to start solving these problems or start looking for a new job.
    And if they are not willing to do so then I would ask Councilman Burnette, Ford and Kennedy Why are you standing for re-election ??
    Kudos to ‘ Interested ‘ for calling Council out on their inadequate performance.


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