Will Port Orange Residents Get Free WiFi?

From;   “Newton White” <nwhite2@port-orange.org> ….
Donna, Susan,
Wow, I have been talking about this with several people and it was a thought at the riverwalk park vision meeting.
Can or does this effort include parks? All children’s, dog, sports fields?
When will it be live?
Newton White …..

From the CM newsletter ….

• IT staff completed the upgrade of the Citywide Wi‐Fi initiative. This system provides Wi‐Fi access for both employees and citizens at all City facilities, as well as the City Center municipal complex and amphitheater.

This upgrade allows IT staff to centrally configure, manage and monitor every Wi‐Fi access point in the City from one location, as well as provide unlimited scalability for future expansion.

2 thoughts on “Will Port Orange Residents Get Free WiFi?

  • February 10, 2014 at 10:09 pm

    Well not so fast!
    The reply I received falls short parks are not covered and no plan is in place to put wi fi in.
    The wi fi is limited to city buildings with city network connection. Currently areas in city center are covered by overlap from the city gym, and lakeside pavilion and city hall, giving coverage at the skate park and parts of the amphitheater and lakeside loop.


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