Divide and Conquer?

Mike Gardner,
I do not know what “verbal agreements”  you are referring to in this email, of which I had no knowledge of until seeing this in print.
Let it be known, to all that have received this email that, Margaret Patterson and Aaron Patterson have not been in written or verbal contact with Jack Wiles or his representatives.
We have not made or been advised of any “verbal agreements” made on Margaret or Aaron Patterson’s behalf.
This is most unprofessional and not,  how I conduct  my personal business.   When Mr. Brad & Jack Wiles, their representative and  the City of Port Orange want to discuss and resolve “real issues” concerning my property and this rezoning they can contact me to have an “at the table” conference.
Yours very truly,
Margaret V. Patterson

“Kela Lindsay” <conure509@gmail.com>

To:”Bob Ford” <bford@port-orange.org>

This is to advise you that we have not agreed to anything regarding 619 Lemon Street or the PCD for Atlantic Marine.  We have not had any discussions with Jack or Brad Wiles or anyone from the city.
We are totally against this PCD and feel that it’s a mistake for City Council to even consider it, inspite of any promises made when this was first brought to you.
Fred & Kela Lindsay
509 Powers Ave.


—–Original Message—–
From: Mike Gardner
Sent: Feb 10, 2014 6:12 PM
To: Paul Rozar , mvp100 , Kim McNew , Kela Lindsay , fredieg@cfl.rr.com, Fred Urquhart , Fred Lindsay , Dru Urquhart , Dianne Gardner , Aaron Patterson
Cc: “Kennedy, Dennis” , Jim Morris , Jack Wiles , Greg Kisela , “Green, Allen” , Drew Bastian , Donald Burnette , Dennis Kennedy , Bob Ford
Subject: Atlantic Marine-Jack Wiles

Dear neighbors,
Jack Wiles stopped by our house a little while ago confused by our emails to the City about the City Council agenda.  He reiterated the points that we had discussed last week regarding buffers, drainage and traffic and wondered if we had decided to ignore those discussions.  We told him no we were not ignoring our verbal agreements; but, since we had received nothing in writing from him our concern was that if we did not get on the agenda by tomorrow that window of opporftunity would close and we would have no recourse if he decided to ignore them. 
Jack says he will have our agreements made part of the MDA and the CDP and therefore in writing for all to see–and we believe him.  We asked that he have Jim Morris write a letter of intent, however brief, to give us some peace of mind until those documents are finalized–and he agreed.
We feel that he has made an honest and sincere effort to address our concerns and wants to be a decent neighbor in the future.  If nothing unforseen occurs, we feel that we can support the PCD in its revised form.
Mike and Dianne

One thought on “Divide and Conquer?

  • February 11, 2014 at 9:35 am

    From Dennis Kennedy in response to Gardner’s email:
    This is good news…thank you both for being willing to work together to make this work.
    Dennis Kennedy


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