The Orlando System of Governing Appears to be Right, Proper and Responsible. Meanwhile, Back in Port Orange ……….

TedNoftallfrom: Ted Noftall
9:27 AM
to Bob, Dennis, don, Drew, Mayor
Mayor and Council,
The attached article, short as it is can be further boiled down to two sentences.
” The Orlando Mayor announced he is appointing a new Police Chief.   The Orlando Council will vote on the appointment on Feb 24th ”
That  system of governing appears to be right,  proper and responsible  in that the peoples elected representatives  are making that key  decision  – for better or for worse.
Port Orange has no such responsibility,  in that an un-elected manager over whom Council has scant  authority,  [ beyond the ultimate and infrequently used authority to terminate ]  is making  that decision, and all other key decisions.
I have long advocated that Council needs to be placed in a more responsible and accountable position by re-assigning  portions of the  inordinate authority that is vested in the office of the Manager back to the peoples elected representatives.
Since neither of you gentlemen are on record in support of reassigning such authority,  would you please explain why you are in favor of maintaining a status-quo where-in clear lines of responsibility and accountability are impossible to determine ??

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