Buddys' Boyz Deliver Again

Should Councilman Ford and Bastian be commended for their commitment to open government in rejecting the Managers advice and supporting Ted Noftall’s request at last evening to make  the secret Riverwalk land appraisals available to the public ?. Should  Councilman Kennedy and Burnette  be un-elected  for keeping their thumbs on the scale in Buddy’s favor by voting to keep the secret appraisals secret ?.It all comes down to the Manager’s credibility if he has any.
To dispute that Buddy’s Boyz did not deliver their votes when needed to please the Mayor and ensure his  son’s continued employment with the Developer you would need to conclude  that the Manager either  has Buddy under his spell or that Buddy has suddenly become a fool.
Because basically
The Manager has said  that he and Buddy agreed  to have all the City/CRA land and all the Buddy land appraised by a mutually agreeable MAI (made as instructed) Appraiser,  but only the Manager would be given a copy of the appraisals so as to maintain a competitive advantage over Buddy in the land swap negotiations.
Ask yourself how willing you would likely be to  participate in an arrangement to swap your property and cash,  for your neighbor’s property if he knew the value of both properties and you knew the value of neither.
Buddy needs to be taken as many things  but a fool is not one of them,  and the Manager has about as much chance selling this hokey explanation to Port Orange residents as he does convincing the NAACP to give him a  good recommendation on his next job application.

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2 thoughts on “Buddys' Boyz Deliver Again

  • February 20, 2014 at 11:25 am

    Franklin is often quoted as having observed that ” Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead.
    In the case of the Riverwalk valuations the Appraiser and his staff have seen them, as have the Manager and certain of his staff, along with the Mayor and any on Council who were willing to go in and whatever table the Manager provided for their viewing.
    That being said the total absurdity of the Manager’s whole proposition is exposed by one simple question.
    Does anyone believe for even a moment that Buddy, has not been told, or that he has not otherwise figured out what the respective valuations are ???
    These valuations are being kept secret from the public for a reason but not the one the Manager has floated.
    Kudos to Ford and Bastian for voting in the peoples interest.

  • February 20, 2014 at 2:39 pm

    Your logic is unconvincingly feeble. Why would the Mayor and Council Members release the appraisal document before the sale is finalized? If both the City and the Developer know the amount of the appraisal, then the Developer just says that the amount shown in the appraisal is his starting point for negotiation.
    It is a bad strategy to release the contents of the appraisal prior to negotiations.
    OR, are you insinuating that one or more of the elected officials have violated their fiduciary duties by telling the Developer the values contained in the appraisal. That is one nasty comment on your part and you should be prepared to back up that allegation.
    Finally, I found the reference to the NAACP to be offensive and disrespectful. Would you please be so kind as to offer an apology?


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