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February 21, 2014 11:17 AM
From:   “Jim Arnold” <fluoridefreenow@gmail.com>
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It has been said that a half truth is a full lie. Sadly the pro fluoridation presentations at the workshop often fell short of even being half truths.
This article with many links gives another look at risks from fluoride exposure to reproduction. Not mentioned was the well documented fact that iodine receptors are filled by fluoride creating great metabolic disfunction especially when people are iodine deficient. This was well documented in the NRc 2006 REVIEW but always missing from health department and ADA mention.When iodine deficient it showed a adult could have adverse effects on thyroid with as little as .7mg of fluoride. The amount in a liter of city water. This is ignoring all the food sources from  fumigation with fluoride gases which is unmentioned by those sworn to protect us.
The EPA was committed to halt this process of putting massive fluoride residues after its Jan 2011 decision from a 8 year review. The Farm bill overturned even considering amounts in water or all the many dental products. You might the noticed the ADA now claims almost all severe fluorosis is caused by poor parental control of infants brushing with fluoride toothpaste. So last week they put out the newest advise to strart babies with fluoride toothpaste at six months.  The exact opposite of the Nov 9 2006 secret egram sent to dentists to avoid f-water with formula from birth to 12 months as sole source of food. It was too risky then but safe now and they also claim they never made that warning anyway. More honestly is they never told the public and the Health department was not told until Jan 2011 when they sort or admitted the risk. All without actually informing the public.
The official ADA position now seems to be all severe fluorosis is from natural fluoride at 4ppm or parents poor control of brushing. The 2000 York review was honest and its data showed clearly over three times more fluorosis with fluoridation vs non fluoridated water.  48% vs 15%  They did not claim fluoridated kids used three times the f-toothpaste or the unfluoridated ones 1 third less. It would seem logical quite likely unfluoridated kids might have been pushed to brush even more by dentists.( Not less)
I will detail more of the untruths when the transcript comes out of the three fluoridation promoters. Remember deception and half truths are not what we should be presented with. A good policy stands on its own merits in free debate  Only 3% of Europe fluoridates but some do have the choice of salt fluoridation. The WHO data clearly for decades show equal or better cavity reduction then the tiny number of countries who fluoridate most of their population.
Only two counties mandate fluoridation with Ireland showing massive differences in health data from the whole of the European Union and for the worse- for all sorts of diseases especially cancers of all sorts and diabetes.
Fluoride and Fertility

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