"We are concerned that Ridgewood Ave will be forgotten again"

Ridgewood Ave Road Improvement Project
Sorry, I provided erroneous information. Talked to the City Manager, item 10 involves regular water lines. The water for the medians (cuts, sleeves, etc.) will be addressed in an agreement with the contractor for FDOT resurfacing of Ridgewood, the City will pay for the additional costs. Funds have been identified for this project (gas tax distributions). The City Council will be asked to authorize this expenditure at our meeting most probably of March 18th.
I have been assured by the City Manager that this project will be moving forward in a timely manner.
Bob Ford
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Subject: Ridgewood median improvement budgeting – status?
Hi Bob,
Penelope Cruz indicated at the HOAHA meeting that Council has not budgeted the prep work (wells. piping, road cuts, etc.) necessary to install median improvements/landscaping on Ridgewood Avenue.  She also indicated that if the City does not  do the prep work, the City will lose the FDOC median improvement grant.  Further, that the window will close on the City’s ability to perform road cuts for median improvements.
What is the status of the budgeting necessary for the preparatory improvements?
The failure for the City to budget the Ridgewood Corridor improvements would invalidate the Corridor plan…
We are concerned that Ridgewood will be forgotten again, as it was when City approved the median improvements back in 2003, but did not budget them.
Tom Quick

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