The Washington DC Lead Disaster

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The Washington DC lead disaster after adding chloramine in Nov 2000 is a classic in government failure and fraud to cover up that total failure. And then investigations that punish no one until no one remembers the issue.Over 25,000 homes were given free bottled water and or filters for over one year after the 3 year cover up and off the chart of toxic lead levels hidden but well documented by the water department. Chloramine was the trigger and fluoridation was the explosive with old lead pipes the fuel.
Marc Edwards PHD water expert from Virginia Tech blew the whistle and warned before it happened. He then after they tried to punish him paid for the study they proved the cover up and CDC assist at that cover up. Dr Edwards claims billions of dollars of damage is being caused in pipe destruction by chloramines and fluoridation. Especially when ortho, tri or poly phosphates are not used to lessen corrosion.
DC did not use any phosphates to reduce corrosion during their disaster. They did spend over 100 million in changing out lead latterals only causing the problem to be even worse. This was a massive screw up and cover up and front page in the Washington Post for 30 days when the story broke. But mostly unknown elsewhere.
Ande chloramine as Fred Knoop suggests is well documented to be less effective then chlorine at killing the bugs but lasting much longer in the water. The EPA pushed this switch not warning of the risks but being aware from warnings of Dr Edwards.
Jim Arnold

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