Is The City Manager and Finance Director Trying To Sabotage The Audit & Budget Board?

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I do not know which is more disturbing:

  •   your seemingly disinterested approach to running the City in that you are now telling us that you did not inquire,  and your staff did not inform you for a full week that one of the most important documents the City receives each year- the draft CAFR had been received, AND that for your Finance director to have not lied to the A&B Board he must not have opened his e-mail for a week.


  •   your flagrant disregard of the A&B Advisory Board ordinance which lists as one of its duties relating to audits as “ to review the draft annual financial statements and discuss………”  This it could have done nicely at its meeting on March 10th  if the draft CAFR  had been sent  to the board when it was received a week earlier on March  3rd.

You and Saunders have shown absolute distain for this Board from its inception as witnessed by delays and incomplete answers and by your performance several Board meetings ago where during a lengthy discussion on bank reconciliations you both conveniently failed to mention that City bank recs had not even been done on a timely basis for most of last year.
As you cannot communicate with the questions of A&B Board members in a forthright and transparent manner,  I hope  you will at least have the intellectual honesty to urge Council to remove the citizen oversight function from the A&B Ordinance as you and Saunders have demonstrated zero willingness to comply with its provisions to date.
Ted Noftall

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To: Ted Noftall
RE: Was A&B Board mislead deliberately ??
Mr. Noftall:
I remained silent because I didn’t know when the information had been received.  Mr. Saunders and I spoke briefly on Monday, March 10th, in his office and he was reviewing a hard copy of the draft CAFR.   I asked him how was the audit was going and he said it was going okay and we were on schedule for the City Council meeting on the 25th.
On Monday night you asked him when the draft CAFR was provided to Finance.  He said he couldn’t remember for sure but believed it was originally sent to Stella.  The e-mail shows he was copied on the transmittal. I do not believe that Mr. Saunders intentionally “misinformed” the Board.  He said he didn’t remember and I promised to provide the Board along with the Mayor and City Council the requested information which I did on Wednesday, the 12th.
Greg Kisela
City Manager

2 thoughts on “Is The City Manager and Finance Director Trying To Sabotage The Audit & Budget Board?

  • March 14, 2014 at 10:20 am

    It is not fair to blame the finance director for lying if he is only following instructions from his boss the city manager

    • March 14, 2014 at 11:49 am

      Why is the Comptroller still working for the City? It’s time to make a change.


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