Get Fit Port Orange

GetFitDear Susan,
Wanted to thank you for your staff’s excellent work yesterday at the kick off for Get Fit Port Orange.
Did pushups, sit-ups, squats, a relay, a half mile run, jumping exercises, stretching and met some very nice people from our city.  I had a wonderful hour with our trainer Pete and Team 16.  Pete was very focused on safety, encouraged us to try everything but not anything we thought would hurt us if we had a specific issue, i.e., bad back or knees, etc. He is a great motivator and I really liked his approach.  Upbeat and positive.  Pete created a very friendly non threatening environment for us. We had folks there with all levels of fitness and age.  It was “ok” to be where you were with your level of fitness.  It was ok to be an older person trying hard too. Really felt that attitude come through.  Not an attitude all trainers can convey.  Thank you Pete!  You have the gift of being able to help everyone no matter where they are starting from.  I felt comfortably sore this morning, but a “good sore”.  I liked the fact that Pete got a bunch of baseline data on every participants so we can determine our level of improvement by the end of the 10 weeks. The whole event really had a wholesome home town feeling.  I felt younger when I left.  Amazing!!
My husband, Mike, plans to come down on Monday with me and run for an hour while I am working out with Pete so we will make it a family affair.
So thank you Mayor, Council and Susan for this great program!!
Best regards,
Dianne Templeton Gardner

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