Investigative Report on the Water Leak & Subsequent Boil Water Advisory is Pending


The Big Leak

Investigative Report      March 14, 2014 8:48 AM
From:  “Greg Kisela” <>
To:  “Richard
Cc:”Jason Yarborough” <>
Richard ….
Thank you for your e-mail.   We are doing a thorough review of the facts surrounding the water leak and subsequent boil water advisory to try to determine what went wrong and how can we reduce the likelihood that it doesn’t happen again.
I will make sure you have a copy of our findings.
Greg Kisela
City Manager

From: Richard
Sent: Thursday, March 13, 2014 7:48 PM
To: Kisela, Greg
Subject: When YOU have a copy of the Investigative Report on the Boil Water of March 2014 please advise

Gregory A. Kisela
 Good Morning:
These are just an individuals questions but possibly YOU and YOUR consultant will include in the pending report on what really caused the boil water notice.
1.  Did the City employee fail to install the “saddle correctly” ?
2.  Was the PVC pipe a rather thin class and the tapping or whatever was occurring suggest that possibly taping could be difficult?  Does the Manufacturer of the PVC pipe have any guidelines for taping.?
3.  Sometimes PVC pipe has preexisting “spider cracks or seams,  did this happen.
4.  After the City employee installed the tapping saddle was it tested before proceeding with tapping operation  ?
5.  Was the equipment used in the tapping old or new.  was it old and thus not as good as a new device?
6.  Did ANYONE at the City consider the possibility that such an event would occur,  and for that reason considered delaying the tap until after bike week? (typically construction within DOT right of way is prevented from occurring during race weeks.?
7.  Did the City have an experienced employee doing tap?
8.  Did the City ever consider only allowing a company that makes taps daily doing ALL the Cities taps on very large mains?
9.  Did the City employee advise the Water Department of the pending construction so the work did not occur at the peak demand time?
10. Does the City intend to apologize to All impacted residents and businesses?  This was a costly mistake or accident I hope YOU have a better plan for future; and or make such work the full responsibility for the Land Developer rather than place the City at Risk.
Thank YOU!!!!!!!!

I plan on forwarding this to the fine People at the New Auto Parts Store…who have responded very well to my concern and comments…they were very helpful….Oh,  sorry I don’t take the news paper but understand a lot of information was in the article.
I give YOU the following facts:  Waitresses at Bob Evans Restaurant for example have had a very short pay check this week because of the boil water notice and for these type of restaurant servers it was a very costly mistake.
An apology to these restaurant people seems to be in order.  I trust YOU will consider these comments private and just comments to help YOU.
This are comments from an individual and is based upon only “a guess as to what happened or may have happened.

One thought on “Investigative Report on the Water Leak & Subsequent Boil Water Advisory is Pending

  • March 19, 2014 at 9:28 am

    I decided last night that I owe you an apology for my attitude and behavior the past few weeks. Truthfully my wife brought this to my attention last night as well, as said the emails to you
    and the tone of them are very childish, and I have to agree.
    The last straw that made her bring something up and want to talk about it was the water main issue.
    I would like to extend my apology for my behavior, I should be better than this and will be.
    Jim Anderson


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