Are There More Secret City Meetings Planned?

Public Records Request for closed door Kemper meeting

From:  “Ted Noftall” <>
To:    “Margaret Roberts” <> “Robin Fenwick” <>
Cc:”Bob Ford” <> “Greg Kisela” <>

Good morning Margaret and Robin,
Perhaps I am wrong but it is my understanding that the Cypress Head Golf course is administered by a Board of Directors and not by the City Manager’s office.  Meaning of course that the Managers office has zero responsibility for the daily operations of the golf course.
By that measure I am curious as to:

  •   the purpose and topic of discussion for Manager’s meeting with Kemper’s  Executive VP and Regional Director this Wednesday.
  •   when and by whom was it decided  that Kisela and not the Golf Board Chairman ( Councilman Ford )  would be meeting with those Kemper executives.

If the purpose of this meeting is to discuss Golf Course matters then I am concerned as to why the Golf Board Chairman who is elected by and answerable to the people was not even aware that it was taking place,  AND why it is not taking place as a noticed public meeting.
I am also concerned as to how the people including their elected representative  Chairman  Ford are supposed to be properly appraised  of those matters that will be discussed and those understandings that will be reached at that meeting ……… all of which the public have a right  to understand under the public records/open government statute.
In that regard I am requesting that this meeting be audio recorded and that recording be available for any who may wish to listen to it.
Ted Noftall


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