Lightning strike causes damage to two homes in Port Orange

lightningPort Orange, Fla. —
A lightning strike caused damage to two homes in Port Orange Monday afternoon. One resident said he thinks a loud lightning strike hit a tree and sent a jolt into his home.
The residents were inside their homes on Rusty Circle when the lightning hit around 1:30 p.m., causing windows to shatter.
“I was sitting in this chair and it covered me up with glass,” McKinkley Rice said.
Rice and his daughter, Lori Lightcap, at first had no idea what caused the house to shake.
“I thought maybe a plane had flown into the house, I don’t know,” Rice said.
The residents said they believe trees between the two properties were struck and a surge was sent into both homes.
“Cabinet doors blown wide open. It blowed out two or three windows on that side,” Lightcap said.
Neighbor Frank Hyde said he’s thankful no one was hurt, considering how intense the lightning strike was.
“I’ve been shelled in Vietnam and it didn’t sound like that,” Hyde said.
The residents were still working to clean up the damage Monday evening after the strong storms passed through the area.
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