Covert Communications Within the Port Orange Administration?

Communication: A tool of management.

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March 19 2014 3:09

Hank to Bob Ford and Ted Noftall:
I would like to take a moment and thank you Bob, and you Ted, for appearing on the scene of our local politics.
Bob, I would have graded the city manager’s evaluation exactly as you did.  It struck me, that your rating evaluation of the present city manager might have been the same rating for the former city manager if he were still here, knowing what we now know .
Bob_Ford_20082-150x150Bob, I heard you comment that you would like the city of Port Orange to return to the days when the city’s operations were considered the best around.  I hear you, but that was a false image presented to us by the then wizard of Oz.  As the present city manager revealed in the March 18 2014 Port Orange
City Council meeting, when he took the job of P.O. city manager, he did not know that the foundation of city operations was so weak and inadequate. (or something like that)
TedNoftallTed, if the former city council members, including the Mayor who was born in Port Orange, lived and worked in Port Orange since before Northerners came to take advantage of the homestead exemptions which he finds fault with, — if they had applied themselves to their part time jobs as you have applied yourself with citizen activism and volunteerism on the citizen budget advisory board, many of the problems which the city manager now deals with, would have long ago been corrected.  Or perhaps I am wrong in thinking the city council runs or should run the city of Port Orange.
Thank you Bob and Ted. You both do your thing in your own way and sometimes in different directions, but the result is a dynamic duo at work for the citizens of Port Orange.
“Guarded skepticism” was a term applied last night to the mode of operations for the citizen advisory budget and finance board.  Well put and much needed since that last administration of” too good to be true ” performances.
At the risk of venturing forth with an observation which is too easily transformed into “this is all about me”, I am somewhat amazed to be learning how my e mail suspicions which had been sent to the city council some years ago, when George S. was on the city council, had so pointedly  touched on a nerve spot, and hidden secret about the then city council.  Mayor Green and councilman George S. were particularly upset with me indicating that somehow the city council meetings seemed to me to be rehearsed and now I note much like an opera to entertain  the audience, and that background information was not being presented to the citizens in the city council meetings.  I pointed out that such a lack of transparency and available information not being given out to the public, will present problems for the city council, as they were doing at that time for elected officials in many parts of this nation.
I followed up with questions about the flow of information among the city council members and the city manager, and Mr. Parker answered some of them for  me.
I also interviewed on video a city council member  and questioned him about the flow of information among city council members, including how the city manager communicated to the city council members.  In discussions about this issue, with the city council member, and others, including at the time the Mayor of Ormond Beach, Fred Costello, who  understood what I was driving at, the application of the Sunshine Laws were implicated in this alleged lack of transparency which I thought was afoot in Port Orange politics.  I remember asking  the P.O. city councilman, “Does the city manager tell a city councilman what another city councilman thoughts or position are on an upcoming matter before the city council?”  My interviewee answered “Parker would never do that”.  I think the answer begged the need for the question, with my implication that the city manager could do so.  In any case, understanding that there is going to be a workshop? meeting about the sunshine laws, lets face the truth.
If I were the mayor of Port Orange, I would find it convenient to have a phone conversation with Hank Springer and tell him what my position was on any given issue.  We can understand full well, that Hank Springer might tell Dennis Kennedy what my position as Mayor was on an issue coming up for council review.  Anyway, when I had sensed a problem with how information might have been conveyed among city council members, I of course had no idea how pervasive, insidious, opportunistic and convenient was faulty communication to city council members.  In the light of facts learned within the past two years, and shortcomings still being prevalent under the leadership of the present city manager, I marvel at how deep the problem of inadequate if not misleading and deceiving information is continually being exposed.
Who knew until just recently that there was a financial record keeping of the golf course, with negative consequences, which was not presented to the public and the city council?  Who knew that last year a number of monthly bank accounts were not reconciled by the finance department?  Who knew that there was no plan for repaving city streets, although money had been allocated, and only when a citizen discovered such laxity, was the plan addressed and within 30 to 45 days it is promised that a plan for using that allocated money will be announced?  Indeed, who knew?  Indeed, who should have known?
The problems of communication with administration and city council are to me, intentionally devised and accommodated. If I have such a devious mind, why is it that the too good to be true administrative staffs might not have such devious minds?  And now I suspect that the fine tuning of the communication tool to thwart exposures of problems to the citizens   will be conducted through the education and interpretations of the sunshine laws.  We shall see.
Thank you both for your efforts in reform of Port Orange City Administration.  Please stay alert to any thwarting of the communication process.  It seems to me to be involved in most of administrative problems.  I suspect team players are at work thwarting the communication process.
– Cordially, hank springer
From Hank Springer
386 852 3178

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