Oops! There Is No Need To Be Upset

MowerFlyingTo:  City Council
Please take a close look at the attached City Property Damage report that was complete in response to a city employee using a very expensive piece of equipment that ended up in a retention pond.
Having filled out this report as a supervisor many times in my career with the City, I can assure you this would not have passed in the past!  The very first line on the report states “This report must be completed by a “supervisor” and forwarded to the Risk Manager” within 24 hours of occurrence.”  You will note on the 5th line down that there is a place for the date and time of occurrence and a date and time for which a supervisor was notified.
The date of occurrence shows 3/12/14 (no time indicated) and then in the reported section it shows 3/21/14 (no time indicated).  It specifically indicates “3/21/14 to RM.”  I assume RM means Risk Management.  Two problems with this.  This section is to indicate the date and time a supervisor was notified, not when Risk Management was notified. You will see that the very next line is to indicate which supervisor was notified. The purpose of this is to document that employees report these matters promptly to their supervisors.
 Next, if Risk Management was notified on 3/21/14, that means that they didn’t learn of this damage to city equipment for 9 days after the incident, instead of the manadatory 24 hours.  If that is the case it is very concerning.  You will also note at the bottom that Mary Anderson signed the report on 3/20/14, which is a day before the date that indicates Risk Management was notified and 8 days after the incident.  Not sure why Mary Anderson, the Public Works Director signed off on the report as the supervisor, as this should have been either Jeff Fonlane or Chris Barnes, as indicated above as the supervisors that were notified.  Again, concerning.
While I am very glad that no one was injured in this incident, I am concerned, as I think all of you are as well, as to whether or not incidents like this are being properly reported in the timely and detailed manner that is intended by City policy and directives.  This is a great example of a break down in the process.  I would like to see answers to the following questions as soon as possible;
1)  Were any other reports completed in regards to documenting this damage to City property?
2) What was the actual date & time of the incident?
3) What was the date & time of the incident being reported to a supervisor?
4) Were there any pictures taken of the damaged equipment?
5) Were there any pictures taken of the “Hole” that caused this incident?
6) Has the hole been filled in or repaired?
7) What was the total value amount of the damage?  Should includes parts & labor to repair.
8) Did the employee complete a drug and alcohol screen on the day of the incident as required by City policy?
9) How much training did the employee receive on this particular piece of equipment?
10) Was the equipment being utilized designed for incline / decline mowing on a retention bank?
Clearly at the council meeting on March 18th City Staff who should have known details about this incident either had just found out or did not know the details they should have.  This creates concern that there may be a breakdown in the process of accountability and reporting, and that re-training for supervisors and managers on the reporting process should be considered.
Lastly, you will note at the bottom of this form that the last time it was revised was 1991.  It may be a great time to considered what other information should be added or ommitted from this form, which is now 23 years old.
Best regards,
Scott Stiltner


4 thoughts on “Oops! There Is No Need To Be Upset

  • March 26, 2014 at 9:22 am

    It is citizen complaints like this that make me soo glad I am not serving on council anymore. I actually got a headache reading this. To put this much time into such a trivial issue makes me wonder what type of hands on city council member Mr. Stiltner sees himself as. Accidents happen in all facets of life. Rarely are they intentional. That’s why they call them accidents. Complain, complain, complain. That will get you elected. Ugh.
    I’m going to go out on the limb here on this comment. Some people take themselves waay too seriously. That goes for some current council members and some who are running. No cooperation between council members, nothing being accomplished to move the city forward.
    Everything is black and white when we live the gray area. Compromising is a thing of the past. Unions control city government and will get more power in the next round of elections. A dark cloud seems to be hanging over Port Orange. Not a pretty picture for our great city that I am proud to live in.
    I would like to read some of the more positive things going on in Port Orange on this web site. I would like to hear from citizens who are somewhat pleased with what they receive from our very affordable tax rate. Progress is here in Port Orange, our tax base is expanding, and we have some outstanding amenities.
    To all you naysayers, please stop complaining over every single insignificant issue. You are a drag on our city.
    Stay positive my friends
    Bob Pohlmann

  • March 26, 2014 at 6:55 pm

    Bob, Are you straight up nuts.
    Do you not realize that the City got in the trouble it did, and cost taxpayers the millions that it did exactly because of the attitude you are relishing in your comments.
    Do you not realize that you were un-elected largely because the public disapproved of your “ why should anyone be held accountable and responsible for anything attitude”.
    The Green machine of which you were a loyal player questioned nothing, held no accountable for anything, and with scant exception voted as a team to the detriment of taxpayers over and over again.
    I have reminded you before and will do so again that I will object to any efforts on your part to sugar coat the recent political past in Port Orange through your sophomoric references to the lack of cooperation and compromise. The misfeasance perpetrated by the Mayor and former Manager AND SANCTIONED BY YOU AND OTHERS ON COUNSEL through your silence and inaction and that cost Port Orange residents $ millions was unconscionable and to that extent you will never be separated from these two individuals.
    Scott Stiltner has signaled that he intends holding the Manager accountable for the sorry actions of his staff including the inexcusable actions of the Public Works director in this instance and for that I commend him.
    AND while having 3 retired public safety employees on Council would not be my first choice I would take 30 such individuals over one more team player.
    This is a great City and will be again once the last of the rot that that prior Council’s so nurtured is squeezed out.
    If you cannot be part of that solution or just cannot wait for others to do the heavy lifting and must hear something positive tonight then click on the link or copy it to your browser and try singing along.
    Ted Noftall

  • March 26, 2014 at 9:40 pm

    Ted, good to hear from you. I have a question for you. Being that I am off the council for 15 months, at what time will I stop being blamed for the city issues of today? At what point will we see the great improvements that you rail for? You have been at this for years and nothing has changed. Maybe it won’t maybe it can’t. The only change from when I was on council is the complete inability of this council to do anything. Do you think maybe your activism is actually preventing the city from moving forward. That is my opinion. Too bad if it’s different from yours. Just because you have an opinion does not make your opinion the gospel. I believe your activism would be of more benefit if you backed off a little. Not even the crazy Ted Cruz is as aggressive as you. Lighten up for God’s sake. Do you have to take everybody else’s cause as your own?
    I know you will have some kind of aggressive comments to make in regards to my opinions here and my comments. That’s too bad and I will not reply to you on this again.
    This entire blog is only about blasting everything about this city. I speak to city employees all the time. They are all sick and tired of you and your buddies with all the negativity. So you and your pals can continue to take the ciy apart. That is your prerogative. My opinion is that the negative causes you and your buddies think are cute actually takes the city down, the same as the House of Reps in DC takes down America. There has to be some decency some where. When does the decency start?
    Bob Pohlmann

  • March 27, 2014 at 11:17 am

    Bob, No one can ever escape their actions or the consequences of those actions. They happened, and they are a reality.
    If the consequences of my actions are negative on balance that will be my legacy and we will all be the worst off for it, AS WE ARE with your legacy of accepting everything you were told by the Mayor and former Manager, and questioning nothing, THE DIRECT and proximate result of which was the finance debacle that could no longer be concealed past the fall of 2012 and which caused taxpayers millions in lost revenue.
    Your announcement that you will not debate further is the badge of every bleeding heart liberal coward I have ever met. You want to be judged on your feel good nebulous intentions of ‘decency’, AND not on your results. If you believe in the policies of holding no one including yourself responsible and accountable for anything that you supported …. then tell us why. If you oppose the reforms I advocate tell us why also and be specific.
    Port Orange is a great place to work and invest, and more importantly live and raise a family BUT THAT is not because of City government, rather it is because of the good and decent people who live here including many who work for the City, and in our hospital and schools and everywhere else.
    Mayor Green has wanted to play down and minimize internal control problems in the City since they were uncovered and at the last Council he announced that the Finance department has accomplished much ! Accomplished much ?? Who is he kidding….. they did not even reconcile the City’s bank accounts on a monthly basis for most of last year and I object to that level of misfeasance.
    DO YOU ??
    Ted Noftall


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