Hawks attack library visitors in Port Orange


Residents in Port Orange said red-shouldered hawks have become a big nuisance at the city’s library.
Workers at the library told Channel 9’s Julie Salomone they’re stocking up on umbrellas for guests to use as protection against the hawks.
County officials said a nearby nest has made the hawks more protective.
“Luckily I ducked right before it got to me, and it flew over my head and onto the top of the building,” said library guest Don Cornejo.
The family of hawks lives in a tree next to the building and there are at least two babies in the nest.
The adult birds fly to the ground and attack people as they approach the library, according to library workers and guests.
The county is urging visitors to always use umbrellas as they walk to and from the library after several reports of the birds getting too close and injuring people.
The county shared a picture with Salomone, showing where one woman was scratched on the head by the birds.
“She had a pretty good-sized wound on the back of her head,” said Volusia County spokesperson Dave Byron.
County officials placed numerous signs outside the library warning people about the aggressive birds.
Florida Fish and Wildlife officials said the hawks are protected and in some cases officials will come out and remove the nests, but not in this case.
The red-shouldered hawk is one of the most common hawks in the state.
County officials said the birds should be less aggressive in about three weeks, once the baby hawks are out of the nest.

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