$6 for a Hot Dog?

$ 6 for a Hot Dog at Cypress Head Golf!       April 1, 2014
From:  “Erich H.” <heerich@gmail.com>
To: “Allen Green” <AllenG@port-orange.org>
Cc:  “Greg Kisela” <gkisela@port-orange.org>
This is becoming ridiculous! A simple hot dog (without chips but at least in a bun) nowadays costs $5.15  which, after tips, means really $6. While I understand that the city’s club needs to at least break even, it seems to me that your inflationary policy is backfiring. I see fewer golfers than in past years, looking out of my window. And I hear the comments from my golfing buddies when they have to dish out $10 for a pitcher ($ 8.50, tax and tips) or $ 3 for a small bucket of driving range balls and so forth …..

I can understand such prices in a fancy private club, but we’re still talking PUBLIC COURSE here.Time was when it was difficult to get a table for Sunday champagne brunch. Today the place is deserted. No wonder, when a coffee is $2 plus and a simple egg breakfast for 2 means dishing out $20.I can do without your regular hot dog at a deluxe price and, instead of lingering over a pitcher or two or a few with my friends, invite for a beer back home, in fact for plenty of beers for that price, But I am writing you because this trend (of ridiculous prices and thus less consumption or less holes of golf played for that matter, should not only be worrying me. It should worry you a great deal more.Of course I already discussed the record price hot dog with your club manager and I would also copy your Kemper management if I had an email address.Yours truly
Erich Heer, with 15 years of residency at
6382 Longlake Drive, Cypress Head

One thought on “$6 for a Hot Dog?

  • April 2, 2014 at 1:24 pm

    For a $1 dollar less:
    A short distance down the road, a senior can eat a full course meal (all you can eat); also with a salad & fruit bar (all you can eat); including a desert & pastry bar (all you can eat); with free drinks (all you can drink) Did I mention the included Pizza bar (all you can eat) all for $7 before 3 PM daily.
    Sorry, as far as I know, there are no “Hot Dogs” at the Golden Corral Buffet.
    However, if you really need a Hot Dog you can get a super size one at the BJ’s refreshment counter for a total of $1.49 including the soda. Likewise, that same price at Sams Club refreshment counter


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