Re: Damage to Another City Mower

If I heard correctly last night at the council meeting, another city mower was damaged considerably yesterday by the same employee who put a new mower into a retention pond on 03/12/14.  Is that correct?  I also understood from your brief response last night that proper procedures were followed this time in regards to a drug and alcohol screen being initiated.
I completely value ALL of our City employees and the services they provide to our community and citizens.  My concern is whether or not the City is consistantly following Risk Management and Supervisory protocols when accidents & injuries are occurring, regardless of which department or division they occur in.  I believe that those standards are in place to not only protect City equipment investments, but to also, and more importantly, keep our employees and citizen safe.  This was exactly the reason I sent you that email last week after the first incident.  I am certain that you would agree that proper documentation and timely evaluation of incidents like these are incredibly important and invaluable to the management of the City and its employees.  Some people may feel as though the documentation, review and retraining process for incidents like this are trivial and excessive, however I could not disagree more with that view.  Yes, incidents and accidents happen, and to some degree are expected, but that does not mean proper documentation, review and accountability practices can be disregarded.
By copy of this email to Robin Fenwick I am making a request for information to include the following:
1) Please forward me a copy of the Risk Management report for this most recent incident.
2) What was the value of property damage to the equipment from the accident on 3/12/?
2) Is the mower that was damaged on 3/12 back in operation?
3) What was the value of property damage to the equipment from the accident yesterday?
4) Did the employee receive any re-training after the 03/12 accident before being permitted to operate machinery again?  If so, please provide the documentation of that?
5) How many accidents of this nature has this employee been involved in over the past 3 years?
6) Does the Public Works Department hold internal accident and/or injury review boards after incients like these?  If so, please provide documentation of the policy for such.
Best regards!
Scott Stiltner

Let me correct the record.   The “accident”  was that the shaft broke on the left front wheel of the mower causing the wheel to fall off.   The reports I have received doesn’t show that the operator hit anything causing the shaft to break.  The “damage” was $150 for parts.  In abundance of caution they wrote up the “accident” and performed the screening on the operator.   Robin will produce the public records you have requested.
Greg Kisela
City Manager


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