"Staff Recommends" Who Exactly is Staff?

Submitted on 2014/04/02 at 9:01 pm by C’mon Man!

“Kudos to Council Member Burnette. Today he requested details from the City Manager for the 57 million dollars over the next 5 years dedicated for spending on our large water system. “Staff” recommends just doesn’t fly any more as stated by Council. They want more details.
Ted asked at the April 1st Council meeting for a report on the City wide boil water event. He was quickly shuffled back to his seat with an answer from the City Manager that we will have it in 60 days from an outside firm that we are going to contract services with.The letter from the Public Utility Director in this post lists 7 possible causal factors. What was the cause? It would be nice to see what “Staff” has concluded vs the outside firm that we are going to hire for an answer as to what happened. If they can’t answer a simple request do we really want those individuals spending our 57 Million dollars?
“Staff” is paid in excess of 6 figures annually yet they never seem to have an answer. Whether the problem is meters, finances, bidding procedures or simple problem solving we hire an outside consultant and there is never any accountability or responsibility.
Scott Stiltner in an unrelated email to the City Manager today expressed the importance of review and accountability practices.He hit the nail on the head.It is nice to see in the upcoming election that we have Candidates that are not afraid to publicly voice their opinions and know the right questions to ask.Hopefully some of the new Candidates will be successful and and a prosperous and transparent Port Orange will move forward.

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