Is It Really True The $57 Million Number Was Just Picked Off a Pear Tree? And Now Staff Is Working Hard To Justify It.


Port Orange Taxpayer

Mr. Kisela:
I have heard that a price hike in the water rate of $15 will be voted on very soon.  I do not understand why such an outrageous amount of money is needed.  Many of the people of Port Orange are on a fixed income and I feel that this has not been taken into consideration.  They do not receive raises and will find this price hike to be a great burden.  I believe that, if more money is truly needed,  then a much more reasonable amount would be acceptable and beneficial for the needs of the water department and the people of Port Orange.
Lisa Smothers
5232 Isabelle Avenue
Port Orange, FL  32127

The City Manager ask for the 57 million dollars over the next 5 years dedicated for spending on our water system.   But “Staff” recommends just doesn’t fly any more with some on the City Council.


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