"This is all very SHOCKING! "

Submitted on 2014/04/05 at 10:24 pm
by: Concerned Taxpayer ……
PO-bullshatBecause we haven’t done anything for six years, we are going to have to play catch-up,” Kisela said.
This is a quote from the Daytona Beach News Journal. I would like for the Audit and Budget Committee to verify the validity of that statement as well as looking into the upcoming 60 million in expenditures. Where did all the revenue go for the 6 years that we have “done nothing”? I reviewed the managers updates on this site and viewed Public Utilities on each one. There seems to be PLENTY of money being spent on projects in most of the weekly updates. I simply cannot believe there were NO projects in the 6 years prior or somebody robbed the bank. Every week the Finance guy stands before us and smiles and tells us great news that we are right on budget or even slightly under budget. So what the hell happened all of a sudden? Either we don’t know how to budget or someone got to the piggy bank. Please tell us this is not true and we did spend something on our utilities for 6 years. If you could report a number in the total spent for that 6 years beyond operating costs which I hope would at least include maintenance it would be nice for us taxpayers to compare that number to nothing.
This is all very SHOCKING!
Thank You Audit and Budget Committe. Your diligence is appreciated.

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  • April 6, 2014 at 5:29 pm

    Further it is easy to say, this is old, or that line might be corroded. But what shape is it really in? Where is the inventory? The R&R schedule? Does anyone remember the repaving street maintenance, assessment and schedule?
    People said we had it, but nobody can find it? Council did vote for a in house assessment for our roads to be conducted. We all need to see a full assessment of our utility system to know for sure what we need to pay for before any rate change is made.
    Newton White


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