Can you imagine this being done at your home?

About two weeks ago I brought to your attention that Public Works was spraying weed killer in vast amounts in our medians along Dunlawton around sign post, utility boxes, median noses and even sprinkler heads.  The attached photos show the end result of that action.
So instead of properly edging and trimming in our medians, it looks as though the Public Works plan is to create large dead zones of grass around objects and beds to avoid trimming and edging, as contrators would be expected to do.  Is this the look our taxpayers deserve?  Can you imagine this being done at your home?
The picture that really speaks volumes is the sprinkler head that is appearantly stuck in the up position and no longer retracting on its own, gets sprayed around instead of properly repaired so it can be mowed over top of.  It has been like this for months!  Really?  This is in the middle of the median, just east of the old police department.  Take a look the next time you drive by and see if it doesn’t just make you want to shake your head!
John Cheney, Resident

weedkiller1               weedkiller2.
weedkiller3               weedkiller4

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