Incompetence in Port Orange City Administration?

incompetence2From Ted Noftall:
The reports from  Rick Woodman,  John Cheney and Mark Schaefer including the CAFR,   detail  a  common theme of what appears to be rank incompetence on the part of the department directors in Public Utilities, Public Works and in Finance.
 Manager Kisela has not taken any action to curtail  what appears to be rather moronic practices that are carried out daily in each of these departments.  Indeed  he continues to provide explanations if not excuses  for each of those department heads.   This likely CONFIRMS that his standards and expectations are being met .
 The consideration thus becomes  do those department heads have the requisite  qualifications, experience and ability to lead these departments in a competent fashion,  AND conversely do  Woodman, Chaney, Schaefer and myself have it all wrong.
 To answer that important question I would call upon  Council and  our candidates both incumbents and challengers alike  to encourage the Manager to detail with great specificity the qualifications and experience of his department heads in Finance,  Utilities and Works  AND FURTHER  explain why the daily work practices of their departments should not be considered  moronic,   DESPITE  common sense observations to the contrary,  including the numerous  photos that have been reported on this blog.
 If the Manager is unwilling or unable to  provide  a convincing narrative,  or if that narrative sounds more like a fantasy, remember that the main claim to fame for  2 of that illustrious trio is the fact that they are  ex city managers …….. ICMA retreads so to speak.
 None of this is acceptable.
 The hard working residents  of Port Orange deserve far more for their tax dollar than the circus like care the Dunlawton medians are receiving on a seemingly daily basis.
 They deserve far better than over paid  Utilities leadership  un-concerned with  un-safe work condition and  resulting OSHA  violations,  AND whose  handling of the recent  water line  tap  was akin to what one might expect  if the  next space shuttle launch were assigned to a gas station attendant and that attendant was having a bad day.
 AND MOST OF ALL  they deserve a Finance department possessing real, verifiable and demonstrable talent in accounting, financial statement preparation, customer service and purchasing.
A department whose reporting is not habitually late,  habitually incomplete and in the  case of the purchasing component – totally screwed up.
A department  whose work ethic and work product is not so slipshod  as to be deserving of the following comment on page 3 of the Auditor’s  management letter dated  March 18th 2014     

  Significant Difficulties Encountered during the Audit
Although we ultimately received full cooperation of management and believe that we were given direct and unrestricted access to the City’s books and records, we experienced significant difficulties in the performance of the audit due to the requested audit schedules and final trial balance not being ready for audit within the timeframe initially agreed upon. We were originally scheduled to start the audit on December 2, 2013, but finally started fieldwork on January 6, 2014. However, upon this delayed start, many requested schedules and year-end adjustments had not been completed by the City, and supporting work papers for some of the significant audit areas were not received until the last week of January. The related rescheduling, follow-up, and recording of management-provided journal entries significantly added to the time and related cost of the audit. Considering this is a fixed-price engagement, this situation will not be allowed to occur in future years. We will not begin fieldwork for the 2014 audit until all of the City’s year-end adjustments have been recorded and all requested work papers have been completed and provided to us. If we need to reschedule, this will likely result in delaying the start of the audit to late March or April.

 On Tuesday morning the News Journal ran a story detailing one salient fact arising from the Holly Hill annual audit,  AND the City Manager was rather defiant as quoted in that news story.
By Tuesday afternoon the City manager had handed in his resignation,  AND he did so because three or more of the Holly Hill council told him they had had enough.
 Port Orange gets pages of Audit comments far more concerning  than the Holly hill comment,  AND the Port Orange council  takes what action exactly  ???????????
 Ted Noftall

One thought on “Incompetence in Port Orange City Administration?

  • April 13, 2014 at 8:03 pm

    There are two guys that work in the utilities dept. that should be running the show. I won’t mention their names because they would probably be fired. They hold the highest licenses in their field with about 60 years of combined experience in utilities.They are two of the most intelligent, innovative and knowledgeable people I have ever met in my 41 years in the Biz.
    The city needs to clean house in the utilities administration and promote these guys. They will fix what needs to be fixed. They keep hiring yes men puppets, desk jockeys with college degrees and no practical work experience. These people can’t They know almost nothing about the business and they never will if they won’t listen to their people.


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