The First Children of Port Orange

by: Ted Noftall
eenyMeenyI am embarrassed to admit this – but for as long as I have been a close observer of the Port Orange council,  for as  well  as I understand  that the Mayor’s favorite expression   We Are All Family  refers to Mommy the Manager,   Daddy the Mayor,  and the Mayor’s crony contractor friends  as Family,   and for as many idiotic conversations I have had with Bob Pohlmann  I never appreciated the role the Council members play in that Family until Tuesday evening’s meeting.
As those candidates spoke,  incumbents and challengers alike,  I realized for the first time  they were auditioning for the 3 open positions for  the  First Children of Port Orange.
That’s right  The First Children of Port Orange    

  • ·         Possessing that realization  I recognize that  we all  owe them all a huge apology as we have  been judging them against a standard that would be un-fair to apply to the children in any family.   We  had been expecting  them to have or acquire  hard beliefs  and then champion those beliefs ….. even if it meant pulling out all the stops in opposing Mommy and Daddy  and this you should ever expect from the children in any family.
  • ·

So let me apologize to those children applicants in the order the Mayor called on  them  and  note the highlights of their try-out speeches explaining why we should elect them:
Bob Ford – I am the most outspoken  but I am  only one vote and can only lead if others will follow.
Don Burnett –  I am the most ambitious of the bunch.
Dennis Kennedy –  I am leaving the Family, because it is better to leave than pull a Pohlmann.
John Junco – I am the busiest on the most committees and I wore a tee shirt I thought the Mayor  might like.
Newton  White  – I  was born here and lived here all my life.
Jim Meadows – I  was in the Family before and I want back in.
Scott Stiltner – I worked for POPD for 22 years and now I want to sit at the big table.
Having recognized council as the First Children of Port Orange  and not responsible representatives of the people with considered positions on which they will not compromise,   All  we have to do is decide how to pick them. I am thinking about using  that old tried and true  —  eeny  meeny   miny   moe   catch a ______________

5 thoughts on “The First Children of Port Orange

  • April 17, 2014 at 8:10 pm

    Ted, I have tried to like you as a human being. I have tried to listen to you and see your side of things. I have always respected you and spoken to you respectfully. You have painted everyone who has attempted to better Port Orange as a scoundrel in your opinion. In the 1950’s there was a US Senator from Wisconsin named Joseph McCarthy. His public statements became more and more outrageous until he was finally stopped and put in his place by a newspaper reporter who said to him, “you’ve done enough, have you no decency”. I would say the same thing to you. Who the hell do you think you are? Have you no decency? Do you think your comments are cute or funny or you have a following? Oh sure Hank thinks you’re great because he can’t think for himself. How dare you rip apart what other people say or do because it differs from your opinion. It is ok to have your single minded opinion, but for God’s sake be respectful.
    I don’t need for you to like me, I have my wife, children, and grandchildren to do that. I don’t need for you to judge my 9 years on the council. My record speaks to those accomplishments. I don’t need for you to judge my 38 years as an educator, 23 years in Port Orange schools. In short I am asking for you to forget who I am. Drop me off your care or concern list. I have been off council for 17 months. I am done, through with that part of my life. Do you have some perverted demons in you trying to take down everyone and everything you see and every person you come in contact with? Exactly what is your problem?
    I am serious with this comment. Do yourself a favor and get some help. I see you getting more and more vicious. You are going off the deep end. I can only hope someone reaches out and helps you because you have certainly alienated just about everyone you come in contact with. Good luck with your recovery.

  • April 18, 2014 at 6:46 am

    There is nothing vicious about Ted Noftall. He is just trying his utmost to do a good job for the citizens of Port Orange. He is constantly being shut down at council meetings by Mayor Green with his pat phrase “we’ll get back to you”. Where are the citizens of Port Orange? Why are they not attending council meetings, asking pertinent questions and demanding answers? I follow all of the meetings and the turnout is lousy and never have I seen a full house or meaningful dialog.
    It’s too bad that a brave man like Ted Noftall has to shoulder the problems of trying to route out the rot that has existed in city government for so very many years and continues to this day. The whole situation smells like over-ripe cheese.
    My nose is twitching.

  • April 18, 2014 at 7:17 am

    Good to hear from you to Bob,
    The great decision facing City residents is whether to return to the Happy Daze that typified your years on Council where the Mayor and Manager had complete control of an agenda that resulted in mal-investments in the tens of millions including the Riverwalk, Gamble and Reclaimed water money pits, AND millions more lost in the water distribution fiasco stemming from lax accounting and computer controls.
    That mal-investment was facilitated by obfuscation and a lack of transparency made possible by non-critical councilmen who abdicated their fiduciary responsibility by failing to insist on, And accept nothing less than proper disclosure, responsibility and accountability. Mayor Green and yourself are the post children for that style of government.
    Opposing that view is the absolutely brilliant and succinct article written by Amazed & Confused that bemoans the lack of honest discussion and methodical avoidance of the surmounting problems before us by Council, AND exposes Mayor Green as the dog and pony master in a distracting side show complete with children, sophomoric explanations, and fluff commendations for routine activities …. The only thing missing was his Dr. Bob side kick, and your combined GPA schlep routine.
    Council and our Candidates alike need to understand that problems are not going to fix themselves, AND they are never going to be fixed by the secretive and manipulative Mayor and Manager that we have. If that were was going to happen it would have happened long ago.
    Until Council is unwilling to accept anything less than comprehensive transparent disclosure, and meaningful responsibility and accountability their fiduciary responsibilities that are results and not intentions based are not being adequately discharged.
    Two pressing examples of where decisive action and not political posturing is required from Council:
    • The Manager’s acceptance and defense of his under performing department directors in Finance , Works and Utilities needs to be assessed.
    • The obscene proposed rate increases demands an honest assessment of the water meter replacement ineptitude, and a full disclosure of the $ 25 million mal-investment in the non-functioning reclaimed water system, including augmentation efforts.
    Ted Noftall

  • April 19, 2014 at 8:22 pm

    Ted I thought Bob took his liberal ball and went home when you bested him on some back and fourth on this blog. He said he wasn’t going to talk to you any more. Boo Hoo. I guess he couldn’t resist taking a few cheap shots at you. This is typical for people of his persuasion. If they can’t win an argument they resort to name calling.

  • April 19, 2014 at 9:03 pm

    Has anyone ever heard anything other ad hominem attack arguments from this gentleman ever ??
    Little wonder our school system is failing as it is with educators like this.


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