Is Something Corrupt in City Hall?

From hank:
hank4I have 99 percent of the time found Ted Noftall’s criticism to be valid.
It is sickening that there is no incentive to apply inspections into every day operations for the purpose of control of governmental affairs. The city council might just as well go home and play baseball and soccer. Are they blind to the facts that in the past, audits did not discover all the mismanagement of city hall, or at least did little to correct the shortcomings? Go home city council!. You are as useless as this city manager and finance director are. Try meeting only once a month, because meeting every Tuesday night is becoming a travesty.
It is very telling that public criticism of a governmental employee causes her to resign. Such criticism should have come from the city manager or perhaps substantial support of the details exonerating the city employee. But how can the city manager get into details when he has no inspection of details, and must rely on the evaluations of his field supervisors. Have we not seen this as a shortcoming before this city manager stepped up to the batter’s box?
If no one can institute some kind of effective inspection and control system in Port Orange city governmental affairs, then we need new people on the city council.
What is it that prevents city hall administrators from shaping up things for the good? When we watch police departments and the Vatican get more and more into mismanagement and malfeasance we usually find corruption.
I have no evidence of corruption in city hall, except the corruption of basic management tools, like inspection and control. There seems to be too much of “we are all family”, and we are all “team players”, and like family and teams, we always support each other, no matter what criticism is leveled upon us, right or wrong. There is a brotherhood among good and bad policemen, and there is almost a vow of silence among those in the Vatican. I see some similarities which apply to Port Orange City Government.
This happened under the former city manager, and is happening under the present city manager. The present Mayor has been on the city council for ages. He was born in Port Orange and into city politics. If he is not responsible for the ineptness of city government, he should at least be blamed greatly for administrative failures. Perhaps he is too busy protecting team players. Is the grand master developer a team player?
Something is corrupt in city hall. It may not be criminally corrupt, but I hesitate to say not morally corrupt.
— hank springer,

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