Is the Kemper Golf Course payroll that the taxpayer dollars pay being abused?

payrollManager Kisela,
I was shocked to learn from the Kemper representative at yesterdays Golf board meeting that the information regarding the Golf Course bank accounts and the re-stated golf course financials that had been requested at the March 25th 2014 Golf Board meeting had in fact  been e-mailed to both your Finance Director and your Comptroller ….. YET neither of those individuals chose to forward that information along to the Chairman of the Golf Board.
This is a matter of confidence. That  information was requested at a public  meeting and it should have been made public.
By way of this e-mail would you please ensure that is done.
The other revelation at yesterday’s Golf Board meeting is the apparent long standing  disinterest the  Finance department takes in monitoring the Kemper payroll to ensure that the taxpayer dollars that pay that payroll are not being abused.
Accordingly I would ask that you review your procedures, disclose what is currently being done and advise as to the enhanced controls you believe need to be implemented.
Ted Noftall

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