Moonlighting in Port Orange

moonlightingManager Kisela,
When Wayne Saunders was hired by your predecessor as the acting or interim Finance director he indicated on his Outside Employment Activity Form dated Jan 15th 2013 that he was performing “minimal” consulting work for the City of Clermont.
News reports indicate that Mr. Saunders was paid $141,000 for that consulting service that ran through  January of this year.
My questions to you regarding Mr. Saunders outside employment  are as follows.
1)  Approximately how many hours did Mr. Saunders spend “consulting” with the City of Clermont to earn this $ 141,000
1)  Can you advise when those  “consulting hours ” took place
3)   Was Mr. Saunders  salary from Port Orange reduced to reflect any absences during those times he spent “consulting” for Clermont.
Thank you
Ted Noftall

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