"Again I was told to shut up or be fired"

Submitted on 2014/04/31 at 1:36 pm
by R. Woodman

God Bless You Anyways

In Response to food for thought This reminds me of when the reclaimed lakes project was underway. We were sold on the sock pipe wells for pumping out of the lakes, Myself and the assistant utilities director at that time both said that they would not work and we were told to shut up. I was threatened with firing if I said anymore about it. As it turned out they did not perform as we were told they would. I wanted those responsible for this held accountable. Again I was told to shut up or be fired. I was told if council finds out about this that the director of utilities and the city manager would be fired for the screw up after the millions of wasted dollars and if they went down they would take me with them. I was told the project was going through as designed because the mayor and manager wanted it fast tracked and done ASAP. I just wanted it done right. I put up with this crap for years for pointing out things that were wrong or a waste of money. All the wasted money in the reclaimed augmentation facilities and lakes is just one example so a certain politician that sits between the city attorney and the vice mayor could thump his chest over how much he has done for the environment and the river. Now because it was not done right we are pumping into the mayor’s precious river. How ironic. We keep putting people in charge that don’t have practical working knowledge of utilities and aren’t capable of giving the city manager and council good sound advice. The city needs to promote from within the department so they can have a (REAL EXPERT) running things. Food for thought is right. Council needs to talk to the experienced knowledgeable employees (THE REAL EXPERTS) if they want straight answers and solutions. Management does not want this as it does not jive with their agenda of a self promoting dishonest political game. I know the people that can straighten out the utilities department. They work there now but someone is standing on their necks.

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  • May 1, 2014 at 9:45 pm

    Standing on our necks is putting it lightly. It can’t go on for much longer. Council needs to know how many times they were dumped on. How many change orders they signed for Contractors that are personal friends with the same administration recommending them. Council has awarded numerous change orders for jobs that were never even related to the original bid because staff stated they worked so well with us.
    That is not fair to other contractors when completely different projects are awarded as a change order to an existing contract. They never even get a chance to bid. They need a tour of the boneyard of failed projects that they have paid for dearly with tax dollars .
    Administrators getting $80,000 a year that can’t even perform the simplest of tasks on a computer does not cut it. They sure are good at putting pressure on the employees though. Primarily the ones that could expose them. Just like when you were here they would be fired.
    Perhaps one of the council members that really wants the truth could take a tour with you and get a good education.
    I wish you the best.

  • May 2, 2014 at 10:36 am

    According to the July 11, 2013 Payroll report from the CPAs hired by the city, you received over $21,000 in unathorized adiministrative leave. Instead of being a standup guy and pay back what you owed to the citizens of Port Orange, you ran away like a coward. Most of the hard working employees in Utilities who became aware of the issue, stayed and paid back the illgotten gains, but not you.
    The definition of a thief is someone who knowingly takes something that does not belong to them. You stole thousands of dollars from the Port Orange citizen’s when you left quickly to keep from paying back the money you owed the city and citizens. Why is anyone listening to a thief? You have no honor or credibility in my book until you payback the citizen’s what you owe them!

    • May 2, 2014 at 11:19 am

      its about time someone exposed Mr Woodman for who he really is, a liar and a thief 🙁

      • May 2, 2014 at 8:18 pm

        Interesting that Mr. Woodman, puppet of the far right wing nuts in Port Orange, is now exposed to be a fraud, liar, thief, and coward. Sounds exactly like the other stooges who wish to harm our city. Birds of a feather flock together.

    • May 2, 2014 at 11:40 am

      Amen! Ted treats this guy as some expert. When he “worked” He would disappear for hours every day at the well field. No one could find him when they needed him. Everyone knows Bill Latham did all the thinking and planning for the maintenance division, not Woody. What a joke.

  • May 2, 2014 at 2:53 pm

    Concerned 256, anonymous and ???. You ignorant fools. It is quite obvious who you are. You are the problem. By your logic you are liars and thieves also. I was granted leave by the same person as you under the understanding that he was authorized to grant it just as you were.
    We were lied to and put into that situation unknowingly. They should have collected the money from the person that was granting it.
    I was forced to leave because I am disabled and have been dealing with this medical problem for the past 16 years. This is documented with the city and my attorney. The city took my accrued leave time away from me as payment leaving me with no way to make my many medical appointments.
    I have the support and confidence of many of my former colleagues that thank me for writing these post on a regular basis. I guess that puts you in the minority and also identifies you to them. I wouldn’t want to be you. Bad mouth me all you want. I know who you are.
    You are very close to being exposed. Who is your favorite contractor? Don’t make the mistake of thinking that I’m the only city employee or former employee the follows and posts on here.
    Stay tuned

    • May 2, 2014 at 6:27 pm

      Does your attorney know you are speaking out? I hope your mouth sinks your case.
      That’s why you had sick leave to deal with your health issues. You also had family medical leave. There is no excuse for taking benefits that you did not earn. The citizens are shocked by what you have done.
      You still did not explain to the public why you spent so much time hiding out at the lake and well field instead of doing your job. Why did Bill do most of your work?
      Other than the boys at the water plant, you don’t have that much support. You and Steve- buddies for life. I guess your two real brothers at the water plant support You. Did you catch that public, Woody was responsible for the maintenance where his two brothers work. Everyone else hated your negative attitude and was glad to see you go.

      • May 3, 2014 at 6:01 pm

        256 let’s get the truth out. You want to call out names here we go. Let’s package up the three stooges that are the cancer to Public Utilities. Yarborough, Wilson, and Griffith. The A hole team. Gotta Go! Show your face cry baby. Any place any time.

        • May 4, 2014 at 12:34 pm

          Did we just find out who has been doing the bad mouthing? IDK Calling people stooges? OMG Who’da thought? That brings to mind the old saying, it’s better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt. LOL

  • May 2, 2014 at 8:34 pm

    It is quite obvious that you are a city employee along with being an ignorant hypocrite. You are bad mouthing a private citizen and you should be fired for that. I have no case against the city to sink. I am well aware of what sick time is used for. Family medical leave does not pay the bills.
    I know one of the administration employees at utilities that took benefits he did not earn after it became public when we had an interim director and I’m not the only one that knows. If you knew what you were talking about you would know that the reclaimed lakes, the wells and well field area fell under my responsibilities. I was doing what my boss or bosses asked me to do. I answered to my boss and did what I was asked to do. If you or someone else has a problem with that, too bad.
    Bill is a good man. One of the best, and he has always done one hell of a good job. I would have a hard time believing that he’s been walking around telling everyone that he was doing most of my work.The men and women at the water plant and maintenance division are true professionals and have my support. As for Steve and my brothers, after reading your comments they will deal with you their own way. You’re not fooling anyone. I miss the good people that I worked with (not you). I was glad to see me go too. XOXOXO

  • May 2, 2014 at 9:10 pm

    Get your facts right. Woody never worked with his brothers. City policy would never allow that and you know it. You are walking on thin ice. You were thiefs until you got caught with the admin leave. Restitution I guess makes you model citizens now. If you want to start mentioning names we can go there. Pockets and the Almighty Jaguars Fan. Hmmmmm haven’t a clue. A real comedy show. Need I say more. It sounds like you are getting ready to be exposed for bid fixing.
    Too late you can’t rewrite history. I’m sure that will make the citizens proud. Woody will get the last laugh. Don’t run off and quit as you say Woody did. Stay and fight so you can lose your retirement too. Oh that’s right you are wimps and they don’t fight.
    Bring it on big boys! Sounds like a little jealousy about the boys at the Water Plant. Sorry about your luck. Looks like it has about run out. I feel sorry for you guys. You used to be a couple of nice guys till you drank the Kool Aid. And by the way breathing out of your ears might be a health hazard.

  • May 2, 2014 at 9:39 pm

    I have been following Mr. Woodman’s reports and they have been concerned with deficiencies in public utilities management and long range capital investments that have been squandered on ill conceived projects. He has intelligently and methodically exposed a history of incompetent wasting of taxpayer dollars, cover up, and no accountability from city hall.. He clearly identified himself on this blog, unlike the cowards that in desperation have taken cheap shots at him. I believe Mr. Woodman would gladly sit down and talk with individuals like Councilman Ford, Vice Mayor Burnett, and Newton White and connect the dots for them that will expose your malfeasance and incompetence..
    On the other hand, you will continue to remain anonymous while avoiding any intelligent discussion about the primary issues that Mr. Woodman articulated in his report with great insight and intellect. The reason why you do not engage in intelligent debate with him is that you are most likely incapable of engaging in intelligent debate at all. You also know if you even attempted to do that, your apparent ignorance would expose who you really are and you would no longer be able to hide behind your cowardly anonymity.
    The truth is that you are in the minority.in the position that you take, and everything you have said here demonstrates your reactionary desperation and need to deflect the truth that you are the problem onto someone else.. Mr. Woodman has a large contingent of people that support him within the city and also of the citizens of Port Orange. There are honest public officials that will inevitably connect with him. At that time perhaps you would like to join them and discuss the real issues instead of taking childish cheap shots that you know are untrue.
    Grow up and learn to be men if that is possible. Quit hiding like little boys, and come out in the forefront like Mr. Woodman has if you really believe what you are saying. As far as your accusation that he is a thief, the City of Port Orange has clearly indicated their position that they do not believe that is the case in any way shape or form, so why don’t you come out of your hole and identify yourself and make that claim if you will. You will never do that because you know that you would be found guilty of slander..

    • May 2, 2014 at 10:57 pm

      You should take your own advice and come out of your closet and reveal who you are. You are the coward.

  • May 2, 2014 at 10:53 pm

    Mr. Woodman is now exposed for what he really is, a fraud, a liar, a thief, and a coward. Just like his other stooges, Ted, Hank, Mark, and Mike. When it is all said and done they will all be knocked off their high horses. Maybe once they are all gone, and our district one council member, just maybe sanity and progress will once again reign at city hall. What a bunch of hypocrites.

  • May 3, 2014 at 1:16 am

    I know who Concerned Citizen is, considering I am one. I’m sure,anonymous 2, are high school kids set for the agenda to tell Mayor Green their grades are not up to average, and are the ones writing these silly blogs. How could it possibly be grown men and women?
    Please end the crusade and make us all public, including myself. OUCH! Facts are facts! BEWARE you never know who knows who and who knows what. Mr. Woodman has the facts. I know that. I have many myself just knowing who knows who and what. BEWARE!!!

  • May 3, 2014 at 9:25 am

    I have advocated consistency from the beginning to allow for pseudonyms for the value of those facts and opinions we would not otherwise receive, BUT not for purposes of personal attack.
    If you are unable or unwilling to sign your name openly you need to keep your comments to facts and fact based opinions.
    Now as for ANONYMOUS 2 and your characterization of Ted, Hank, Mark, Mike and Bob Ford as stooges….
    TELL us why we are stooges for insisting on responsibility, accountability and transparency in City government ???
    BECAUSE I can’t think of of many revelations that have come out in the past 3 years that was not UN-covered or leaked to one of these individuals.
    DO you have a vested interest in not having anything revealed in City operations Mr. ANONYMOUS 2 ???

    • May 3, 2014 at 11:53 am

      They are obviously lashing out at you, Mr. Woodman and others because they are in fear that the leaks have become a gusher and soon they will be flushed out. Mr. Woodman has not revealed names but rather issues. Mr Woodman is correct about shut up or be fired. The ones that want the truth out there for all would be in great jeopardy if they revealed themselves.
      Although I do not always agree with you I respect your honesty and transparency. Had it not been for leaks from concerned individuals many improprieties that surfaced would still exist. Most of the assertions that I have seen thus far are facts. Just like the attempts to stifle you they are much more ferocious within the City ranks.
      So let the facts be facts and hopefully this will all be unravelled for all to see. And by the way Woody you are well respected by the Majority that you were always a part of. What’s right is right and wrong will always be wrong.

  • May 3, 2014 at 11:03 am

    I did not hear one coherent or relevant bit of information from Anonymous 2 that debunks the succinct revelations that Mr. Woodman has communicated so intelligently and from the perspective of first hand historical experience. In stead I have heard the desperate ranting of pathetic lies from someone who sounds like they have stayed up to the wee hours of the morning getting drunk or perhaps snorting a line.
    In contradistinction Mr. Woodman has refrained from taking cheap shots and has focused on the primary issue which is millions of wasted taxpayer’s dollars and the malfeasance that exists in utilities administration. The anonymity of those who are making all these personal attacks against him is consistent with the fact that all the slander they have written is far from true, and they will never come out and own it because of the legal consequences.
    These anonymous and desperate souls have derogated and disrespected a number of our public officials and prominent citizens that are homing in on who they are. I suspect District 1 Councilman Bob Ford knows exactly who they are, and he wouldn’t be surprised to hear some of the nasty things they have to say about him each morning over coffee and fat salaries on the tax payer’s dime. Bob Ford is an intelligent man who is able to assimilate all of the evidence, and in due time will act upon it. Ted Noftall has rightly said that if you are unable or unwilling to sign your name openly you need to keep your comments to facts and fact based opinions.
    So if you have anything relevant to say about the important issues that Mr. Woodman is bringing transparency to than lets hear some intelligent dialogue from you. If all you have is name calling and childish accusations, then you need to stay in your playpen and suck on your binky. Believe me, the district 1 Councilman knows exactly who you are and you can take that to the bank.

  • May 3, 2014 at 11:20 am

    Now it appears that you and the others have been relegated to being my stooges. I won’t portray myself as a model employee when I was with the city. Knowing what I know I believe this individual does have something to hide. He wants to bring back the good old days before you and others demanded transparency in our city government. He could possibly be one of the few left in utilities administration that need to be purged.
    I was inspired by you and others to post on this site. It seems to upset a few of the good old boys. I don’t have to play along with their crap to keep my job. I thank you and all of the others that were labeled as stooges, frauds, liars, thieves and cowards for what you do to make this a better community. I apologize that you were drawn into personal attacks on me.

    • May 3, 2014 at 12:28 pm

      I would be careful embracing Ted so hard. He is no friend to the PO employees. His key word of “accountability” means firing long time, loyal employees. He has been allowed to create a toxic environment where PO employees can do no right and are under constant suspicion. Who can perform their best in that kind of work place? Woody, you definitely did not work in place like that all your years of service.

  • May 3, 2014 at 2:30 pm

    There are two kinds of toxicity brewing in the city work environment. They are on the complete opposite end of the spectrum from each other and are contributing to the lack of successorship and stakeholdership within the workforce infrastructure. They are due to a lack of critical thinking and an overabundance of self interest that individuals on both sides of this spectrum have. They are certainly not a balanced perspective and are not holistic or transcendent enough to generate a genuine synthesis of ideas that would be best for the common good.
    On the one hand you have Ted Noftall’s mentality which is the kill them all and let God sort them out later mentality. It would appear to some that he would like to turn every city employee into an indentured servant or a private sector employee that works for a southern plantation owner with little or no incentive to become a career public servant. In his quest to expose the improprieties of the mayor and his handpicked city manager, Ted does not care how much collateral damage he does or how many valuable people that are innocent are hurt. He seems to use people opportunistically when it suits his purpose and hang the same people out to dry who at one time have supported him.
    On the other hand you have the Kisela mentality, which is to bring in your hordes of pension padding I.C.M.A. managers, establish a management click and mutual admiration society of but kissing yes men who will take bows for mediocrity. obfuscate incompetence, and suppress free thought and communication. Under Kisela’s program value is not rewarded and transparency is punished, while team playing obfuscation and suppression of free thought is rewarded. This is a contributing factor to the brain drain within the organization and the steady decline in the employee climate. This also is counter-productive to the holistic solution and resolution of the major challenges and problems that plague this organization. The butt kissers will catch a falling knife and fiddle while Rome is burning, all the time taking bows for failures that are covered up and spun as successes. They will suppress and punish anyone in the work force who tries to point things out that need to be fixed that contradicts the misinformation that upper management daily feeds to the city council.
    Ted Noftall’s apparent inability to realize that there are many honest, valuable, and hard working employees within the city that need to be embraced, encouraged, and rewarded for their value does just as much damage and contributes to the exodus of institutional knowledge as Kisela’s suppression does.. Noftall’s quest for transparency and accountability is admirable and many employees and others such as Mr. Woodman recognize him for it. The one thing that Mr. Noftall seems to be lacking is the ability to acknowledge and reward the positive in the workforce as well as the negative. If he would only cultivate a balanced perspective and recognize that most employees do not like corruption and incompetence he would receive much more support in much of the good he does.
    Ted please don’t kill them all and let God sort them out later. Instead take the fish and pick off the good meat and throw away the bones. Recognize the good in others as well as the bad, and be willing to reward the value that stands after you root out the corruption. I think most employees will concur with you that the Kisela program is doomed to failure, but in all fairness you must admit that your program needs some renovation and the application of critical thinking if it is to be embraced by all those affected.

  • May 3, 2014 at 3:20 pm

    The last 13 years of my employment was under a toxic environment created by management and a few butt munchers. Before that from day one I felt valued as an employee because we had management in utilities that had worked their way up through the ranks and knew what running utilities was all about and appreciated what the employees did. They had been there and done that. Then they started hiring engineers with no real utilities experience. Things have gone downhill since.
    I have never met Ted. I don’t always agree with him but that’s OK I will admit that when I was an employee I was sometimes insulted by some of Teds’ remarks even though they may not have been directed at me I felt like it was directed at all of us.
    Now I look at things more objectively. I truly believe that Ted realizes that we do have some honest, hard working, well intentioned people serving our city. As is so often pointed out by Ted and others including myself it seems that most of our problems are in management with at least one or maybe two problems on council.

  • May 3, 2014 at 7:05 pm

    A couple of years ago I was accused by one of my web site readers of enjoying free meals provided to me by the PO FD. It did not happen, and you can ask the Port Orange chamber of commerce, Jill Geddy, that when I took pictures at their affairs, I turned down free food because I do not enjoy eating when I have work to do. Truer to the mark about freebies would be to explain that in the Pinecrest Diner in Bayshore, police who ate in the diner paid only half price. Perhaps that was a violation of departmental policy, and as bad as accepting a free cup of coffee. I enjoyed the food at the Pinecrest diner, but I know no one would believe that is why I ate there. That is ok with me. Flourish your skepticism; it is healthy for us all. Once in the diner, a young man went on a return trip from narcotics, and started screaming, yelling at the bugs on the wall, and pushing everything off the front counter, plates, cakes and people’s dinners. I was in uniform and had to do my thing. I put the handcuffs on him and SCPD came and took custody of the poor soul.
    I now read that I am a “stooge” for Woodman. Not so I assure you. I know very little about the guy, have never spoken to, and post his opinions as I would for even those making accusations about my integrity with trying to be objective.
    There was an interesting and well written comment by someone on the Port-Orange.us blog. It addressed the issue that Ted Noftall does harm to Port Orange employees by not attesting to the good work that many of them do. Perhaps they do. I have no doubt that there are many doing good work. I come from the police profession, and read many years ago about bad policemen and am still reading about bad policemen in my retirement years. But I think, and I hope, we all know that not all of the workers in city government or police work are bad and poor workers. I thought that goes without saying. It is difficult to discuss bad things about city government and at the same time give notice of all the good workers in a group. When taking on negative issues, it is counterproductive to start giving out commendations. That is not the time to do that.
    And, how would Ted or I know who the good workers are? We know they are there, and we know that it was hard on them all those years to see nonproductive workers being rewarded not for good work, but for being loyal team players, and all that it infers.
    Once during the heat of Ted Noftall’s airing of problems in the water or utility department (I forget), Ken Parker stuck up for a worker who might have been responsible for some errors, and replied to Ted that such and such was a very good worker. I wrote to Mr. Parker and told him to cut it out, because of all people who were in a position to recognize good and bad workers, he was not the one.
    The issue of the morale of city workers seems to be coming to the fore front. It would be amazing to me, if the morale of the city workers only became bad when negative findings were being revealed, and Ted Noftall and the two blogs in this city publicized them. I have written before, and write again, that I am confident that there were many good workers in city government who were displeased with whom the team favorites were to the administration. If I had worked in such an environment it would have pissed me off. And I bet there are quite a few in city government who were pissed off, and are still remaining quiet, because the old boy network still seems to be in control at city hall.
    Let me recount a dialogue I had on the phone with Mayor Allen Green. I recounted this dialogue to Mr. Parker when we met during his retirement months.
    I asked Green if he had known about Parker’s special deal on retirement for Shelley, before it came into effect. Green said he did, and he spoke to Parker and the city lawyer about it. According to Green, Green told Parker that he did not approve of Parker’s special deal with Shelley for a couple of reasons. I asked Green if he told other city council members about the deal which was in the works. Green told me that he did not, because morale in city government was already low, and he did not want to see a grand mass of people quitting and leaving city government. I did not follow up on this perspective of Green, but wasn’t it true that at the time of the exposure about Parker and Shelley, no other negative aspects of city government had been revealed? (except the Public Works directing stealing issue) After the Parker and Shelley deal, we learned about water billing problems, franchise fees not collected, vacation time stealing, computer problems, audit problems, and what else
    So I sense that very early during these issues about unaccountability a defense was established to diminish or censure negative criticism using a concern of the morale of good workers. And such a sham defense still seems to flourish. So, like Ken Starr was a pervert, Ted Noftall is hurting the morale of city workers, and Hank is a stooge. What an outfit over there in city hall! Council members and the city manager cannot keep up the morale of good workers because Ted Noftall speaks his mind. The commentator I am replying to, spoke of Ted wanting to do away with the bad workers. It seems to me that some want to kill the messenger of negative perceptions.
    Let me also address some of the ad hominem attacks I am reading in commentaries. Please be careful. Like Facebook, the people making them can get into legal problems. A court of law can find out who has been writing anonymously. Also remember, there naturally are some deep seated emotional feelings by some readers of these postings. Emotions can get out of hand and out of control, and we have seen such happened on face book.
    As Ted wrote, if you are writing anonymously, keep to the facts and issues. I am not a lawyer, but there may be some legal room to write pointed opinions about public figures, but I would suggest especially being careful of what you write about nonpublic personalities.
    I could be wrong. Remember, suspicion and skepticism are not facts, but should be put to rest by the true facts and in a lot of instances the real statistics.
     Hank springer

  • May 4, 2014 at 7:49 am

    Mr. Springer
    Let me start by saying that I don’t think that you or Ted or any of the others mentioned are stooges and certainly not my stooges. I have never met or spoken to any of you with the exception of Bob Ford. I want to apologize to you all for being drawn into personal attacks on me. It is a given that we have good employees at the city and some not so good. It is the not so good ones that make the rest look bad not Ted.
    At first some of the swipes that Ted was taking at employees hurt a little bit but I think that the good ones with nothing to hide are starting to get behind him. They want to see the bad things weeded out that reflect on all of them. I left the city after 36 years. I found this site and was inspired by some of the posts by guys like you, Ted and others. Now I can talk about my experiences and things that I know, that I could never do as an employee.
    I try to base my posts on the facts as I know them. I have been involved in just about every capital project in utilities for the past 36 years. I refrain from naming names, name calling and slanderous remarks.
    Have a good day sir.

  • May 4, 2014 at 11:32 am

    What I know from recent past experience is this city will move off dead center and make an effort to resolve problems when they think that data being uncovered is “actionable”. Or when they think that you just will not give up trying to uncover what is actionable. The only way to get that data is through Freedom of Information Act requests from the City. Documents uncovered by FOIA requests stand on their own merit. We can all read them and draw our own conclusions. Those documents can then be evaluated by counsel who can say go forward with this legally or continue to publish them in the court of public opinion. The drip drip drip of revelation finally brought down the Nixon White House.
    Throwing dirt in the air…on either side…muddies the issues for the average citizen…no one knows who to believe….its why we all hate politics, politicians and no longer trust our government institutions. Its a classic oppo technique as Mark Schaefer alluded to so well in his letter to Council. And it benefits the status quo. And entrenched power.
    Lets keep it to the facts. Slandering or libelling our opponents feels great in the short term, but it is ultimately ineffective. Demand that your questions be answered. And keep demanding that they be answered. Ask for related city documents. Government must be accountable to the people paying for it. I cannot take my “investment” and go somewhere else. I am captive to this city and so is my wallet.
    I choose not to remain anonymous. I am retired and have that luxury. I know that others may not be so well situated.
    Dianne Templeton Gardner
    618 Ruth Street
    Port Orange, Florida 32127

  • May 4, 2014 at 3:15 pm

    My wife and I recently moved to Port Orange from Bergen County New Jersey after I sold my plumbing business and decided to retire. Its nice to be down here in sunny Florida as this warm weather sure takes the bite out of my arthritis. I used to be quite active in civic matters and community affairs in the municipality I lived and worked in, and as a matter of fact, I served on their city council for 3 terms. Once I become more familiar with the issues in Port Orange and earn the respect of the community, it would be an honor now that I am retired to serve in some capacity and perform my civic duty. I have been attending numerous council meetings and faithfully watching these meetings on government access television on Tuesday nights.
    I was introduced to the Cub Reporter political forum and have become particularly interested in the Woodman Report and the various posts associated with it. I was a master plumber for many years and owned my own business up north. Prior to this I was a municipal employee for my community for about 15 years holding the position of city plumber. I worked for a city that compensated its employees well, cultivated long term dedicated employees, and expected excellence in performance from all their people. The community got to know the employees on a first name basis and took pride that they had the best workforce in Bergen County.
    After reading all of Mr. Woodman’s posts in context, it appears that he is an extremely experienced and knowledgeable man in the Public Utilities field. His description of some of the deficiencies in operation he has witnessed and has been suppressed to disclose are probably the case. I say this because from the perspective of my plumbing background all that he has said is accurate. Naturally someone would have to confirm and verify his observations, but the consistency and accuracy of what he has disclosed would lead me to believe that where there is smoke there is fire. I hope that our public officials make a concerted effort to make contact with this gentleman, and in a non-threatening environment allow him to provide full details and connect the dots on all of the current problems in public utilities. Those facts and details of the current problems obviously appear to be obfuscated and sidelined by those that are in charge of them presently.
    What has been particularly interesting is that a number of individuals have been posting responses to Mr. Woodman calling him a thief and a liar, blogging their fellow worker’s names with personal attacks, and trashing the same public officials and prominent citizens that pay their salaries. What they do not seem to realize is that Mr. Woodman has not identified them by name or attacked them personally, but has simply identified major screw-ups in capital projects and operations that just might come under their responsibility. Instead of identifying themselves and intelligently debunking the revelations that Mr. Woodman has made (that is providing these revelations are not true) they have remained anonymous and embarked on a slander campaign which includes Mr. Woodman, other named colleagues, councilmen, and private citizens on city committees.
    The one thing that really jumped out at me is their rabid criticism of the District 1 Councilman Bob Ford. It would be one thing if they expressed an intelligent argument against a particular position that this councilman takes, but instead they talk about him being knocked off his high horse. I watch the council meetings on a regular basis, and I can honestly say that Mr. Ford is the most intelligent public official that we have that makes a concerted effort to get down to the bottom of things. It is interesting that his platform of transparency and accountability has so disquieted these few posters that have so rabidly attacked Mr. Woodman and his revelatory report.
    I did a little research through reading all of the relevant posts to the Woodman Report and the associated replies. It is abundantly clear that anyone that applies a little critical thinking can connect the dots as I have. The anonymous posters who slander Mr. Woodman, other employees, and public officials never provide a coherent counter argument that debunks any of Mr., Woodman’s assertions. They spend an inordinate amount of time criticizing him, other employees, and public officials without any explanation or intelligent dialogue. There attacks are personal attacks that have no supporting facts or details. They always respond personally and viciously to a revelation that Mr. Woodman makes about deficiencies in projects and operations that they are possibly directly responsible for.
    What they are too ignorant to understand is that in so doing this they have effectively revealed to a reasonable degree of certainty their actual identities. By their responses, and by their association to the deficiencies that Mr. Woodman has identified, and their areas of responsibility, they have effectively named themselves. I will be kind enough to refrain from elaboration, but I went on the city website to connect a name to these individuals. It does not take a rocket scientist to know what their positions and areas of responsibility that they are in and the salaries that they are being paid by public officials and the taxpayers to carry out these responsibilities professionally. These are the same individuals that instead of addressing the issues and defending their credibility in the open are slandering Mr. Woodman, other fellow employees, councilmen, and dedicated citizen volunteers who’s sole purpose is to see to it that there is transparency and accountability in city government and to recognize and reward value among employees that are dedicated to these principals.
    WE would not tolerate a high ranking administrative employee slandering fellow employees, councilmen, city committee members, and private citizens in the community where I came from. People at that level of management should not post personal attacks anonymously but they should come forward identify themselves and address the issues transparently and refrain from personal attacks. I am sure that the District 1 Councilman knows exactly who they are and does not appreciate the anonymous personal attacks that have been perpetrated against him, as well as other employees and private citizens.
    As far as the Woodman Report goes,” if the shoe fits wear it”. If the shoe does not fit you can identify yourself, come forward, and debunk that which you feel is not true. In the mean time, I feel that you owe an apology to Mr. Woodman, many of your fellow employees, Ted Noftall, Hank Springer, and especially Bob Ford. Private citizens place much more credibility on what Mr. Woodman has shared than you think, and are anxiously awaiting for you to shed your presumed anonymity and account for yourself.


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