FBI Reopens Investigation on Local Bus Bench Advertising Connection$

busBenchVOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. —

Channel 9 learned Thursday FBI agents recently started questioning some Council members.
Council member Doug Daniels told Channel 9 he was contacted by the FBI within the past few weeks. He seemed reluctant to talk about it at first but did admit questions focused on Waverly Media.
“Can you say who they were asking about?” asked WFTV’s Jeff Deal.
“They weren’t asking about anybody in particular.  They just started asking about Waverly and I said I really don’t have any direct information,” said Daniels.
Waverly is the advertising company the FBI raided in January 2013.  Employees were arrested and some were recently convicted in federal court for conspiracy to defraud financial institutions.
But the State Attorney’s Office has also been looking into political contributions related to Waverly.
Sources told Channel 9 the new FBI investigation seems to be focused on political contributions that could include Waverly and other businesses that gave generously to council members.
Daniels said his conversation with the feds was brief because he wasn’t involved with contributions from Waverly and didn’t have anything to offer.
Council Chairman Jason Davis told Channel 9 he was also aware of a new FBI investigation but couldn’t say anything about it.

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